If you briefly forget about the Crimea, it would improve our economic situation

Russia can not love, but it is necessary to bargain, stated in interview to Agency LETA, the Deputy of EuroParliament from Latvia Andrew Mamykin (“Agreement”). Politician urges, at least temporarily forget about the occupation of Crimea, to improve the economic situation in Latvia and the Baltic States.

According to him, the abolition of EU sanctions against Russia in the interests of Latvia: “We may not love Russia, but I have to deal with it. This is a huge market. Historically, we are connected from the point of view of the economy, and such opportunities must be easy to use”.

“Prior to the sanctions, the volume of foreign trade between the EU and Russia reached a billion euros a day. This is the price one pays the whole of the EU in a sanctions war. It is clear that the responses of Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev hinder our economy and hurt the economic situation throughout the EU. You need to understand one thing — we can’t live with one of the largest neighbours of the EU in a state of perpetual cold war,” says the turnip.

“How important is democracy in Venezuela? Or you it is important that your children were fed to the additional money came into the economy of Latvia, to pay taxes that increased the salaries of policemen and teachers? Look better, which makes now the government. It is actually desperate Prime Minister Maris Kuchinskis not know where else to get the money. To increase value added tax from 21% to 23%, to invent any additional taxes and duties? Our economy is not growing, but people imposed an additional tax burden. The only way to attract investment and revive the economy, including from Russia. There is a question about the importation of additional labour force from third countries. From my point of view, the citizens of Mozambique, no matter how beautiful they may be less acceptable for our environment and economy than the citizens of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine,” continued the MEP.

The turnip thinks that Russia need only speak diplomatically. “Sometimes it may seem that diplomacy is the only white handkerchiefs, champagne receptions, speeches of the Minister, but in fact it’s a very cynical game between the States for their interests. I am sure that the army of our diplomats able to defend our economic interests. The necessary political signal that could only come from the Minister. Unfortunately, the current Minister is not interested in, to provide a signal for the revival of relations with Russia. In the bilateral format we could achieve a lot, despite the position of the EU or the atmosphere in the European Parliament. We can cooperate in those areas where there are no problems. Crimea is a problem for us, but maybe it can be some time not to talk about, and talk about what unites us?” — offers MP.

As for Ukraine, then, according to him, for it is a stumbling block — it is rather the Donbass, where there is a huge humanitarian tragedy.