Gender inequality: for the same violations of women get fired more often than men

In the case of misdemeanors, the women who work in the field of financial consulting, punished harsher than men for similar offenses.

This was announced by researchers at and published the results on the website of the National Bureau of economic research USA.

During the experiment, the experts found that in the financial industry for violations that will be forgiven to the man, the woman can pay a work place.

During the study, the authors examined data about all the workers, the years 2005-2015 have been registered in the database of the Service regulation of the financial services industry of the United States. It is noted that the dossier on workers including was information on the violations committed and the penalties incurred. Although men behaved inappropriately three times more often, women have faced more serious penalties.

It turned out that on average, women are 20% more likely to lose their jobs and 30% less likely to have found a new compared with men.

In search of the causes of this disparity, the researchers suggested that perhaps mistakes women cost companies more expensive. But further analysis showed that the greatest losses of the company suffered from men. Among other problems of women workers is also unequal pay. In addition, employers understate wages pretty non-confrontational women.

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