The number of Russian brides exceeded 105 thousand

Russian capital Moscow is one of the cities in which you want to see historical places and sights.

Last week on the occasion of the visit of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Russia I had the opportunity to visit this city.

In Russia, much to the aircraft of the crisis of 2015, we do not need a visa, this time I was carried out on a three-day entry visa. Despite a special visa to the press, at passport control, we still faced a lot of questions, and then took us into the country.

Russian and Turkish people are close know each other. At the airport you can feel it. How Russian know our tourist town, we understand that in past years many Russians spent their holidays in Turkey.

Due to the work received by Turkish firms in many cities of Russia, arrived in the country many Turkish workers.

For this reason, increase in the number of marriages between people of the two countries. In Russia, the Turks are among the first three on marriages with foreigners. According to received information, the number of Russian brides has exceeded 100 thousand. The staff of the Embassy, without mentioning the precise numbers, note that there are more than 105 thousand.

Live in Moscow 30-40 thousand Turks. The number of Turks in Russia as a whole — more than 100 thousand.

It is expected that after the statement of Russian President Vladimir Putin that a ban on a business visa in respect of Turkish companies will be cancelled, this number will increase.

The visit of President Erdogan’s visit to Moscow marked the beginning of a new period in relations between the two countries. Warm signals of the two leaders in the near future will have a positive impact on both the people and businessmen of the two countries.

Putin urged Russians to vacation in Turkey, noting that he too had a rest in Turkey. This should make a positive contribution to the Turkish economy.

It is important that 2019 was declared year of cross-culture and tourism in Turkey and Russia.

Day off March 8

I know that international women’s day 8 March is a day off in Russia. Despite the middle of the week, in many popular tourist places in Moscow, especially red square, nowhere to Apple to fall.

On the streets, mostly women with flowers in their hands. When you enter the cafe, you see a dedicated section where visitors can put their flowers, and as here put the bouquet for the bouquet.

Colorful Red square

At the mention of the “red square” in Moscow comes to my mind communism, Lenin, historical speeches, executions, photos of the red army. On red square, which is the witness of the historic speeches of Stalin and Castro, always a lot of people.

When you come to the area in front of you is a riot of colors: on one side, St. Basil’s Cathedral, with another — the Kremlin wall and Lenin’s mausoleum, the third historical Museum.

The historic building, which also plays with bright colors and located right in front of Lenin’s mausoleum, and shopping center.

Metro — a special world

One of the most amazing places in Moscow with a population of 13 million people — metro.

Each station of the Moscow metro has always attracted the interest of visitors with its special history and unique design. In Moscow to go down to subway stations, need to ride a steep escalator.


Moscow is famous for its wide avenues. To go from one side street to another, when on the road tape with a width of five or six cars, you need to use the underground tunnels. In these tunnels there is a different world: shops, musicians.

In Moscow very expensive taxi. For the same route is often paid, it’s business as usual in Moscow. On the streets of Moscow difficult to catch a taxi, so you have to pay as much as you say difficult you found the taxi driver.

After the visit of President Erdogan starts a new process from the point of view of Turkish-Russian relations. The fruits of this visit we shall see in the near future.