“It’s a masterpiece” – social sharing made fun of the horror story, rossm, “hungry Ukrainians taken bread from the pigeons”

Russian propagandists spreading a new horror story about the “terrible living conditions” in Ukraine. So, the TV channel “Zvezda” has posted the news that the supposedly “hungry Ukrainians taken bread from the pigeons.” The publication referred to on Facebook some of Lara Loverboy allegedly a resident of Odessa. A girl posted a photo and signed that poor woman eating thrown bread to the pigeons.

“Someone threw bread to the pigeons to feed, and the flock of birds immediately jumped woman. First quietly sat down next to the pigeons, then, looking around, drove of pigeons, became directly from the ground to grab pieces of bread and greedily stuff them in my mouth” – she wrote, and added that later, hungry woman food, and she left.

News feed Kremlin propagandists caused a storm of ridicule in social networks.

In Ukraine, hungry people selected corn голубейhttps://t.co/ujtb8prMEn

Photo: Lada Luferova / Facebook#Ukraine #hunger pic.twitter.com/zjwqRvi47L

— Television STAR (@zvezdanews) 14 Mar 2017

Ukrainians, stop to get bread from the pigeons. The pigeons themselves are much tastier! No, well really!
:)) pic.twitter.com/cQGiZkNcnG

— Ksousha (@Ksoush7) 14 Mar 2017

Hungry redobandire takes away food from homeless cats in Kiev.#nezabudnite pic.twitter.com/KrRxFYFT7D

— Team of ZinaPortnova (@Zn_Portnova) 14 Mar 2017

If the Ukrainians have taken bread from the pigeons. Then where the pigeons take the bread? pic.twitter.com/golKm2IeNy

— Crimean Winter (@Wintercrim) 14 Mar 2017

Ukraine is the only country in the world where pigeons don’t shit on people and monuments, because nothing.

— Minang (@crimeapanda) 14 Mar 2017

But hungry Russians don’t take bread from the pigeons, because we have already eaten all the pigeons.

Gray Cardinal (@slevo4kin) 14 Mar 2017

Ate pigeons, without bread. I’m on my diet still.

— Svetlonosik (@svetlonosik) 14 Mar 2017

Called relatives in Ukraine, they say, came the dove, the last bread took.

— Crimean Winter (@Wintercrim) 14 Mar 2017

Now we will upload videos of the North Korean propagandists that Americans from hunger ate all the snow pic.twitter.com/jTNRPFlEyR

— The verge.Ru (@GraniTweet) 14 Mar 2017

Keep local pigeons, well kept, roof.And they protect the sparrows from McDuck. Here so on a chain the food pyramid I have a hamburger

— Nє pacan,well, TSE DCI (@NegionoiZ) 14 Mar 2017

– Galloped dill!((((

And would have remained in the camp with the “brotherly” people, now would be along the pigeons would have eaten. And on weekends pancakes with a shovel. pic.twitter.com/IT9f9ythPX

— Clear the TASS (@ChetkiyTASS) 14 Mar 2017

“In Ukraine, hungry people take bread from the pigeons”

Well, IMHO, it’s a masterpiece

— Snowie (@HuSnizhne) 14 Mar 2017

Well so, bullfinches and infants ended the same
And to live it as it is necessary https://t.co/rnpNXwkKzT

— Ore mrenica (@Luba_Y) 14 Mar 2017

I bought a pigeon of a loaf of bread, walked out of the store, and it is hungry Ukrainians are attacked and seized. I saw myself!

— Minang (@crimeapanda) 14 Mar 2017

Went to get bread from the pigeons!

— SC? (@Shcho_Blya) 14 Mar 2017

Ask the “Stars” where the bread at the pigeons. This is a complex issue.

— A normal river (@dpnorm) 14 Mar 2017