“Don’t go outside”. Siberia is afraid of tigers that attack horses and dogs in the villages

First, the tiger looked after the horse. She stood tied in the garden and was acting nervous. When a predator jumped on a horse, she began to laugh desperately kicking and struggling. The animal knew not to allow himself to tumble down to the ground. From somewhere came the cry of a man. The tiger got scared and let go of his victim, then turned and ran. The wounded horse survived the attack.


This incident happened in February in Russia in one of the villages in Khabarovsk Krai. In Newspapers, the news likely wouldn’t be as many others stories about single attacks by tigers on Pets in these Siberian lands. But this time it was different. The attacks continued regularly and systematically.

The horse followed the dogs, which already are unable to protect themselves from tigers. In the village of Kutuzovka, home to 110 people, predators destroyed five dogs. Attended to the problem of power. What the tigers do come to human villages, this week confirmed the head Bichevskaya’s rural settlement Irina Samodurova. Witnesses from among local residents claim to have seen “cats” and in the yard close to the house. One woman said that was in the house and heard on the street hysterically howling dog. Once out of the threshold, the woman saw that the dog was attacked by a tiger. The owner started to shout, waving his arms and drove away the predator. But the dog is not saved.


To the main measures include the protection of children: that they are on the way to school can become easy prey for a predator. So now the leaders of the villages organizes bus trips. The students each sit at their home and likewise returned to his parents home. In addition, parents are urged not to let children on the street.


The recent incident, residents Bichevskaya’s settlement was announced on the sixth of March. First morning in the village of Kutuzovka people found torn to pieces by a dog, or rather, what was left of it. Around was a large number of tiger tracks. Later it turned out that disappeared the second dog, but the tiger dragged him away, the hunters guessed the trail. What is alarming is that this time the predators dared to penetrate almost to the building: dogs were locked in cages at the house. Their owners listened to the advice not to let the dogs run around the yard, and still the attack of the tiger could not be avoided.

According to experts at the Siberian fauna is now near Kutuzovka lived a tigress with her little cub. They literally took a village in the ring. One day the villagers noticed the tiger even on main street. “Until experts advised us to just not walk down the street, not to let the dogs out…” — said Irina Samodurova. Kutuzovka, she said, is not the only village where the tigers come. About the same problems reports and Third fused area, as well as several other villages.


Shooting predators is not considered. Defenders of animals, which include Russian President Vladimir Putin, an ardent fan of big predators, trying to figure out a way to ward off animals from people. “If we fail to scare them and drive away, we have to go on hunting tigers and transporting them to the wild. But catching them would be difficult, village large, predators don’t come all the time in the same place, and penetrate into different households,” fears the head of the Department for the protection of animals Committee of the hunting economy of the Khabarovsk territory Yury Cap.


As the Agency “Amurpress” occurring engaged in group conflict situations between tigers and man, which operates under the Ministry of natural resources of Khabarovsk Krai. Experts have already studied the area where the tigers terrorize the population. According to experts, the cubs, two years, and, in all likelihood, his mother teaches him to hunt, because the mother did not attack even once. Pets are easy prey, and the young tiger quickly get used to it, and it’s a big risk. The experts also suggested that the tiger, who is in a difficult puberty, I realized how easy it is to eat in the yards, and mothers cannot be “persuaded” to stay away from people.


According to experts on Siberian fauna, in recent years, a growing number of wild predators that live in close proximity to people. Recently in December, Siberian village Sodic terrorized tigress named Tikhon, who ran away from the rehabilitation center for wild animals. Apparently, there she came to the conclusion that people should not be afraid.