Erdogan — Putin

The words spoken by President Erdogan at a press conference after the summit in Moscow should be particularly stressed: “We came to the end of the normalization process. We don’t want to pronounce a word like “normalization””. Promising rhetoric, But… “where we came… at what cost…”

* * *

Ismet inönü (Ismet Inönü, the second President of Turkey, Ataturk’s successor — approx. transl.) once said:

“Error committed at the beginning of the war, will stick to you to the end…”
It’s not just a saying, it is the aphorism.

* * *

If in Hatay we had not shot down a Russian military plane, he says, he “violated the border at 18-20 seconds”, except Turkey would have had to pay such a high price?

Especially if, immediately after the incident was not a hint of “expression of regret”… If, instead, appealed to NATO, reminding that “the provisions of the defense agreement,”… If former Prime Minister davutoğlu (Davutoğlu) has said that “personally ordered” Turkish F-16 shot down Russian aircraft, and when exploded…

Results are known. He paid all of us.

* * *

Thanks to yesterday’s summit, obviously, there has been significant progress in the return to climatic norms in the relationship.

For business trips from Turkey to Russia visas are not required, which is the first step towards the abolition of the visa restrictions.

Putin confirmed the guarantees of security of Russian tourists…

In projects of the nuclear power plant and “Turkish stream” step on the gas…

A number of important agreements were signed on both sides…

And the unanimity of leaders on the “territorial integrity of Syria”…

A statement on the continuation of the successful lines pursued by the two countries towards a settlement in Syria…

* * *


It would be useful to draw attention to the still very important and, one might even say, the most important issue.

“The cantons” of the Party “Democratic Union” (PYD), stretching along our southern border that form a corridor, which will interrupt the communication between us and Syria, Arab countries.

Manbij under the control of the people’s protection Units (YPG) — “ulcer” for Turkey…

President Erdogan announced that after the completion of the operation in al Bab will turn “Manuja, located in the West of the Euphrates”.

Despite the passage of time, any progress there.


Like for the Free Syrian army, reinforced by armed forces of Turkey, “the frame is frozen…”

* * *

Instead Monbijou, which is in the hands of the YPG, military equipment travels with American flags. YPG logo with a red star on the sleeves of American military stationed there and pictures will present the world’s media.

That’s the signal “the one who comes in Manbij, will deal with the United States”?

As if that were not enough…

Manbij has surrounded the forces of the Syrian regime under the patronage of Russia. They created a kind of “deterrent” buffer zone protecting the YPG.

And again, “the YPG logo” on the sleeves of the military of the Syrian regime…

This footage was also presented to the world media.

At PYD open “representative office” in Moscow.

After the United States and Russia substitutes the umbrella of PYD/YPG, which Turkey considers as “terrorists.”

At yesterday’s press conference, Putin did not utter the words that would change this “negative” for us painting. It was limited to such General phrase as “we are against terrorists.” You can say “do not give color”.

* * *

However, the main expectations from the meeting of Erdogan and Putin were connected with it, will overcome this serious problem.

If so, how?

Aphorism Ismet Pasha, in spite of some positive steps made in Moscow, alas, not quite out of date.

We hope that “inflammation Mansijskogo ulcer” will not last long and will soon pass.