The US and the Russian devil

The conservatives were very difficult to endure repeatedly quoted the answer of the President trump the host of Fox News bill O’reilly (Bill O’reilly), who called the President of Russia Vladimir Putin a “murderer”. Trump replied: “the Killers a lot. We have plenty of killers. I think our country is so innocent?”

It was possible almost to feel sorry for O’reilly when he tried to regain composure after such blasphemy. Was there ever the star of the American MediaElement to hear such thoughts from the President of the United States? From any representative of the radical left — but the President?

Senator John McCain (John McCain), speaking at a meeting in Congress, speaking about Putin, tried in vain to identify the “moral Parallels between the butcher, a mercenary, a Colonel in the KGB and the United States of America.”

Ah, Yes, the notorious KGB. Is it possible to say something good about the person associated with this organization? We would not like it if an American President had such a past. But wait: one President of the United States was not just some “Colonel” of the CIA, he served as Director of the CIA!

I am of course talking about George Herbert Walker Bush. And, since we’re talking about thugs and butchers… How many Americans remember the bombing of December 1989 and the US invasion of Panama under the leadership of the same Bush? Several thousand people were killed or injured, thousands lost their homes.

Let Vladimir will try to oppose this! And if you suddenly wonder why all this was done — the official reason for the arrest dictator Manuel Noriega (Manuel Noriega) was charged with drug use. How do you like this explanation of the large-scale destruction and killings? No one should be surprised that shortly before the invasion Noriega worked for the CIA.

It is these “moral Parallels” is the most difficult to swallow proud Americans, such as O’reilly and McCain. The Republican majority leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell (Mitch McConnell) also put in his word on this subject: “No, I don’t think you can draw Parallels between the behavior of Russia and the United States.” Other senators echoed him, inspired by the old-fashioned sense of “American exceptionalism”, ubivalka in the minds of every decent American with his very childhood,… Who would dare compare the moral level (ugh!) Russia with a land chosen by God, despite the current non-Communist regime?

Communism began in Russia, of course, with the October revolution of 1917. By the summer of 1918 about 13 thousand U.S. troops were on the territory of the new state, the future of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Two years later, losing in a battle thousands of people, American troops left Russia, having failed in his attempt to “strangle at birth” the Bolshevik state, as the charming words of Winston Churchill.

American foreign policy has since become much more noble. I think, dear students, it’s time for me again to present my brief historical summary.

So, since the end of world war II USA:

— attempted to overthrow more than 50 foreign governments, most of which were democratically elected;

— dropping bombs on the population over 30 countries;

— tried to assassinate more than 50 foreign heads of state;

— tried to suppress populist or nationalist movement in 20 countries;

— grossly interfered in democratic elections in at least 30 countries;

— The United States ranked first in the world — although it is not easy to Express in quantitative terms the use of torture. We are talking not only about the torture that Americans directly apply to foreigners, but also on the supply of torture devices, instructions on torture, lists of torture of persons and full-time education of American teachers.

As the United States dare to engage in moralizing about Russia? They feel entitled to call Putin a “murderer”, “butcher”, “thug.” It would be difficult to name any world-famous murderer, a butcher or a thug (not to mention a dictator, mass murderer or sadist) the past 75 years, which would not be a close ally of Washington.

So why is the American political elite hates Putin? To explain this, we need to go back to the time of Boris Yeltsin’s rule.

During the financial looting of the West in the dying Soviet Union, the United States influenced the Russian elections in 1996 in favor of Yeltsin. Under Yeltsin, the country rolls over poverty, and average life expectancy dropped by five years — all in the name of “shock therapy”. Supported US/the West to destabilize the Soviet Union has allowed global capitalism to sow the seeds of poverty without uncomfortable constraining shackles of socialism.

The indignation of Washington Putin grew when he was dismissive of American military propaganda leading to the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Furthermore, the Russian leader played a key role in convincing Iran to reduce its nuclear program and agreeing that Syria will hand over control of the warehouses of its chemical weapons. Influential Washington neo-conservatives were eager to apply direct military strikes against those two countries that would lead to regime change, not diplomatic agreements, in which governments have remained in their places.

Finally, after the US overthrew the Ukrainian government in 2014, Putin was forced to take action in the interests under threat of ethnic Russians in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. The Western media turned it into a “Russian invasion”.

The same Western media has consistently accused Putin of the murder of journalists without reminding their audience of a similar “achievements” of America. The us military during the wars of the last decades are responsible for the accidental death of many journalists. In Iraq, for example, there is a video Wikileaks 2007, published Chelsea manning (Chelsea Manning), with the murder of two journalists for Reuters; in the attack in 2003, the U.S. offices of Al Jazeera in Baghdad with missiles “air-land” three journalists were killed, four were wounded. During the attack the us military at the Baghdad Palestine hotel, known places of residence of the journalists in the same year was killed by two operators of foreign news programs.


In my opinion, the “honeymoon” trump as President is over. I never felt him much love. I have it only produces an intriguing curiosity, but the main thing is that he is not Hillary Clinton. I have not created the impression that he is ready to start a war with Russia or ban in the U.S., the TV channel Russia Today (RT), which I and many others rely every day. He did not use “politically correct language”, speaking about the fight against “Islamic state” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization — approx. ed.). Trump’s remark about “moral truths” gave me some hope. But this hope eschete dried up with the appointment to high office of one belligerent, hung with many medals of General after another mixed in with the billionaires and Goldman Sachs; confirming its intention to build a wall between USA and Mexico; and — worst of all — with the increase of the military budget is 54 billion (nonsense). This will certainly be done at the expense of human lives, health and the environment. What kind of man was among us?

The true definition of “narcissist”. The columnist for the New York Times Frank Bruni perfectly captures that feeling: “Why do I have a feeling that the fighter is biceps trump, warships — his PECs, and his proposal to increase the Pentagon’s budget is 54 billion dollars — this is muscle-flexing?”
Come there ever an end to these endless us wars?