Comic justice: what Russians have to trump?

There is some comedic justice in the strange story about the Russian dirt on Donald trump. The one who built his campaign on the flow of fictional news, now forced to defend himself from what he calls false news. The one who got into the White house thanks to the blur border, already shaky, faced with information and it is unclear if it is true or not. But who cares if it is? His angry Twitter reveals that Yes. On the other hand, trump’s Twitter shows that he is irritated for any reason. The day before yesterday it was the agreement with Iran yesterday — the performance of Meryl Streep, now Moscow prostitutes, and tomorrow — who knows.

News talking about the following: according to some information, it is not clear, accurate or not, the Russians had collected dirt on Donald trump. There is other information, too uncertain veracity, about the cooperation between the electoral headquarters of the trump and the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. This information is probably American intelligence agencies attach some importance, otherwise they are unlikely to be announced by the outgoing President Barack Obama and President-elect of the Buddha about the existence of this information. Although, maybe they just wanted to embarrass trump, who several times made clear that it attaches importance to the conclusions of the intelligence agencies. Washington is accustomed to such “street fight” between different structures.

Trump has already prepared us to face any scenario

Possible dirt on trump’s interesting like any gossip. The President is locked in a room in another state in the company of women of easy virtue, the President has interested in gambling, adultery, rowdy, cameras recorded President in a position that would confuse any human being — this story is able to save the ratings slipping of the media. On the other hand, we already knew that trump — not any man. What used to be considered shameful, it is not a disgrace. What was previously considered to be irrefutable, he easily refutes. May the Russians gathered in trump’s thick dirt, but just miscalculated, as if any other President of such dirt to be dumped, the trump he won’t even touch. Nobody was surprised to hear that trump could spend time in the company of prostitutes at the hotel. Nobody will be surprised if it turns out that prostitutes were two, three or five. Trump was smart enough to prepare us for any possibility.

Much more interesting is the trump contacts with the Russian authorities. Despite his protests, it is clear that the Russians deliberately tried to help him in the elections that sent their hackers to help him fool the voters. It is unclear whether this is done out of hatred for Hillary Clinton or for the love of Donald Trump. If we are talking about love, why was chosen this guy yet? In fact, they have enough dirt on him? Whether the fact that they have an agreement with him? Or they have something to suggest about him?

All of these questions have no answers. Definitely not in a vague report about the vague information that was given to Obama and Trump. But in the end a response is received. A few days later the trump will enter the Oval office and begin to make decisions. Some of them will inevitably affect Russian interests. Inevitably the cards will be revealed. Love Russian will manipulate the trump, or he will face them, or he will cooperate with them, or conflict. He has too big ego to bow down to them. His ego is too large to agree to appear as a puppet of President Vladimir Putin. If there is incriminating evidence, it is logical to assume that Putin will have the opportunity to use it. If there was some kind of cooperation, if it continues, actions trump will say more about it than his record on Twitter.