The number of deaths increases drastically: Russian diplomats mysteriously drop out of life

Less than five months from seven Russian diplomats. This sinister series of deaths raises a lot of questions.

Every one of them died abroad, far from home.

Some shot someone, according to official reports, died of a “heart attack” or in the “hard a short illness”. Sometimes the circumstances of the death, even after months remain unclear, thus, there is a suspicion that the diplomats it is no coincidence that die one after the other.

A sinister series of deaths of Russian diplomats

The last and most famous fatality was the death of Vitaly Churkin at the age of 64 years. On 20 February this year in new York, died suddenly Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, nicknamed “Mister No”.

He was found unconscious in his own office, was rushed to hospital but could not save — according to initial information, the cause of death was heart failure, but after the autopsy the doctors announced additional tests, and take into account the possibility of poisoning.

SmartMoney President Putin’s policy in Ukraine and Syria, Churkin “faithfully defended,” writes the newspaper WELT 46-year-old Samantha Power, a former permanent representative to the UN (until 2013).

At the same time, she admires him, calling “a master of telling stories with incredible sense of humor” and “good friend”. It was given “great expectations” to work together USA and Russia.

Here is a list of other, partly mysterious death of Russian diplomats in recent months:

27 Jan 2017

Alexander Kadakin, Ambassador of Russia in India in 2009, age 67 years, died in new Delhi, apparently of a heart attack, according to the Indian newspaper “The Hindi”, after “a short illness”. He allegedly felt “unimportant” for several weeks.

Although no one doubts the “natural death” kadakina, but the short time interval between the passing of fellow diplomats raises questions.

9 January 2017

Consul of Russia in Athens, the 55-year-old Andrew Malanin was found dead on the bathroom floor in his apartment one of the Embassy staff once came to work and did not respond to calls.

According to Greek police, there was “no sign of forced entry” death “by natural causes”. However, police are continuing to investigate the death of a diplomat who lived alone in a well-guarded street.

26 Dec 2016

Former FSB General 61-year-old Oleg Erevancin was found dead in the back seat of his black limo brand “Lexus” in Moscow. Initially the media said that investigators the cause of death is considered a murder. Later reported that Erevancin died of a heart attack.

Spicy detail is that Provincien was a key employee in the office of 56-year-old Igor Sechin, who until 2008 was a close aide to Putin and Deputy head of the presidential administration, and today heads the Russian state oil company Rosneft.

In addition, Provencio attributed to a relationship with a former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele. The former spy MI6 is the author of a controversial dossier on Donald trump.


In it, according to British newspaper The Telegraph, also repeatedly mentioned the name of Igor Sechin.

19 Dec 2016

The Ambassador of Russia in Turkey’s 62-year-old Andrew Charles was killed at the photo exhibition in Ankara. When the Russian diplomat gave a speech in honor of the opening of the exhibition, the Turkish police shot him in the back while shouting Islamist slogans of revenge for Syria.

On the same day in his apartment in Moscow was shot and killed by another Russian diplomat, a 56-year-old Peter Polshikov.

Despite the fact that the murder weapon was found in the apartment about the exact circumstances of the death are still little known, the investigation into this case is still underway. Polshikov was a senior officer of the Latin American Department of the MFA of Russia.

8 November 2016

Perhaps the most mysterious death: on the morning of the US presidential election of 63-year-old leading Russian diplomat Sergei Krivov has been found in the Russian Consulate in new York city lying on the floor unconscious. The diplomat found a head injury, he died on the spot even before the arrival of the ambulance.

Initially it was assumed that the curve falls from the roof. Later in the Russian Embassy changed the version of events and the cause of death of a diplomat called a heart attack.

In popular American media portal “BuzzFeed” reported that even after three months after the death of Krivova authors of the autopsy report of the corpse was still not sure what exactly he died.

The Russian Embassy in new York, Krivov allegedly was responsible for counter-intelligence, “the prevention of sabotage” and “repelling the enemy attacks to wiretaps” — in short, that American intelligence agencies remained outside the Embassy.

List of deceased members of the Russian elite is getting longer

Earlier, in November 2015, in Washington in a hotel room was found dead one of the most important advisers of Putin’s 57-year-old Mikhail Lesin. According to the Russian media, co-founder Russian media group RT allegedly died of a “heart attack”.

However, according to forensic experts, published the results of the investigation only four months later, the cause of death was “blunt force injuries”, as reported by “the New York Times”, building with the idea that Yassin could have killed him “financial or political rivals”. The autopsy report left the question of the exact cause of death open.

The mystical death of Lesina complements the mysterious list of deceased former prominent representatives of the Russian elite, fell out of favor in their own country — starting with the Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko, who died in 2006 at the age of 44 as a result of poisoning with radioactive polonium, and ending 44-year-old Alexander Perepelichny, whom death overtook at the end of 2012, when he was Jogging near his luxury home in London. The cause of his death, according to forensic experts, was poisoning by an unknown vegetable poison “used by Russian and Chinese killers”.

However, the exact cause of death Perepelichny still unknown. Whistleblowers involved in disclosing the theft of 230 million $ from the funds of the Russian Ministry of Finance, according to the BBC, being a businessman, was involved in fraud and money laundering.

The death of Russian businessman linked with trump

Finally, in early March died Alex of Parties which, according to insiders, was another “conspirator” in a controversial case of possible suspicious ties Donald trump with Russia, which last was established with the aim of influencing election results.

According to the independent American news portal Palmer Report, the Parties acted as the organizer of the meeting, which discussed the planned Russia the overthrow of the Ukrainian President and the Kremlin “blackmailing plan”, involving trump.

Prepared the dossier according to the portal, reportedly fell into the hands of Michael Flynn, before that, in mid-February resigned from the post of national security Advisor Donald trump due to his connections us President with Russia.

The parties, the cause of death is still unknown, not only lived in the residence of the trump in South Florida, but received for his contribution to establishing relations trump with Russia as a reward of land in a private club, trump called “Mar-a-Lago” in palm beach.

Despite the fact that the life expectancy of Russian men is on average 64 years and much lower than the life expectancy in the Western world (and fans of vodka, which is what the Russian diplomats live even less), in our insecure time, Russian diplomats, apparently, are particularly at risk.