Grandma celebrated its 100-year anniversary of electrifying dance

In the Internet appeared the video, where 100-year-old woman vividly danced in honor of his hundredth birthday. A relevant video posted to Instagram user Treasure_marnae.

According to the girl, who is the great-granddaughter of the heroine of the movie, the grandmother is not shy in the alcohol.

“Her 100th birthday. I love my grandmother, she’s hot! And I know from whom I inherited attitude towards life and love to drink,” writes the user.

Note that the video was very popular and within four days managed to gain nearly 18 thousand views.

Publication of SYnCer3 (@treasure_marnae) Feb 25 2017 7:11 PST

Earlier it was reported, in County town Ninghai Zhejiang province in Eastern China lives 94-year-old woman, who is fluent in Chinese martial arts. Locals call it the “kung fu grandma”.