Why is the main enemy — Russia?

I once had an online conversation with a journalist whose name you would recognize it, and it started with a question to me: “Why Russia?” This person wanted to know why we are witnessing against the Moscow campaign of hatred decades after the collapse of the USSR?

I tried to give him a coherent and comprehensive answer, however, Twitter is not conducive to deep discussions of this kind, and so I kept it in a separate file in order to later answer. And now, of course, the time has come to answer: the Democratic party and serve her media call for “investigations” (that is, collecting compromising materials) burning question is: does the President of the United States is a Manchurian candidate? Or “Putin’s puppet”, as quite shamefully put Hillary Clinton? Our vyvedshie out-of-control intelligence agencies with fierce tenacity to bend the same line.

The echo of the presidential campaign of 2016 is undoubtedly one of the main reasons why the anti-Russian hysteria has reached the highest degree. What writes Glenn Greenwald (Glenn Greenwald) in an article published on the Intercept:

“It is common today to avoid discussing the fact that trump is a byproduct of extraordinary and systematic failure of the Democratic party. Until then, until a Russian helps greatly to avoid self — criticism- to which people are not particularly inclined — it will rise regardless of its actual contents and significance”.

It is, however, the fact that Ms. Clinton has compared Russian President Vladimir Putin to Hitler long before the 2016 election, and influential figures in foreign policy the same for the Democratic party — comes to mind strobe Talbott (Strobe Talbott) — engaged in fomenting anti-Russian sentiment long before the trump of victory in the presidential election. Greenwald points to the fact that the policy of President Obama towards Russia was not fully under the influence of Clinton, but this is acceptable only if limited to the superficial glance. The foundations of the current hysteria were laid during his reign — in the end, attempts by the United States, Germany and the EU to overthrow the democratically elected President of Ukraine and the bringing to power Pro-Western regime occurred in the period when the White house was Obama. The Magnitsky act, directed against high-ranking Russian officials, was approved by Congress and signed by President Obama in 2012.

At present, a highly unusual campaign to view Russia as our main enemy got a significant boost from the elite of the Democratic party that wants to distract thus attention from their humiliating defeat and discredit the current occupant of the White house. However, in this case it is about something much larger. We can explain that four main reasons.

1) the Rivalry between the various military departments


In may of last year I wrote about the war that erupted between different agencies within the armed forces of the United States, and the battles are fought over the budget. “Earlier in April, a battalion of high-ranking military officials appeared before the senators, and these people announced that American ground forces “behind equipment and weapons”, especially in the event of any conflict with Russia in the future. Speaking in support of a significant budget increase for the army, they argued that in the absence of a substantial increase in funding Russian overtake us, and — worst of all — “the armed forces in the future will be too weak to ensure the security of the nation.”

“The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming! And you don’t even have time to notice how Brooklyn will be renamed to Putingrad”.

“Of course it is pure coincidence that shortly after all the alarms in the magazine Politico published an article which said that the Russian breathing down our neck. It also contained references to a “secret investigation” —Jacob first published — which contained detailed information about demonstrated in Ukraine, a new Russian deadly weapons. In this propaganda medley was also present approval of General Wesley Clark, former presidential candidate and well-known Russophobia that Russia has developed a tank that is “immune” and protected from any means of attack.”

The public debt of the United States is currently $ 20 trillion is the amount which the person finds difficult to imagine. The reality is that we can’t afford to give as much money as required by war. In fact, the increase in the military budget, which the administration insists trump is the option that initially is stillborn. Even if he gets the approval of Congress — which in itself is unlikely — it is unlikely to satisfy the generals, insisting on a more significant increase in military spending. Therefore, at present we are witnessing the intensification of a campaign to portray Russia as the growth of three meters.

Here’s what it says in an article published in the Politico magazine article Mark Perry (Mark Perry): “the Situation in the army is reminiscent of the tale about a chicken who believes the sky is falling on your head and the world is ending,’ said one senior Pentagon official. These guys want to make us believe that all Russian-t increase of 3 meters. And here’s a simple explanation: the military needed a purpose, and a greater piece of the budget. And the best way to obtain this is to portray the Russian is able to land in our rear and on both flanks. This is complete nonsense.”

For the war with Russia need ground forces in large numbers, more tanks, more artillery, and also significantly more money for ground forces. If the Russian threat is consistent with what it said in this case, ground forces will receive a huge part of the military budget, leaving the naval and air forces on a starvation diet. In addition, it will require further modernization of the armed forces of all countries-members of NATO. This is a gold mine for the military industry of the United States.

Thus, one answer to the question “Why Russia?” is simple: follow the money.

If we talk about the phrase “follow the money”, you need to mention another important factor that Stokes anti-Russian campaign.

2) the Russian Diaspora

When Putin came to power, the first thing he did, he began to struggle with the notorious oligarchs who supported his predecessor, Boris Yeltsin, and manipulated them. During a drunken Yeltsin, these “entrepreneurs” used the state apparatus to “privatization” (that is, for plundering) what used to be the state of the economy, appropriating therefore the whole of the economy at incredibly low prices. Putin began to dismantle a rival center of power, which resulted in the flight of the oligarchs in the West. Placing their dishonestly earned wealth in Western banks and holding companies, they settled in London, new York, Switzerland and in the French Riviera, where they began to prepare the overthrow of Putin and his triumphant return.

In these circles, splashing untold amount of money and most of it goes to buy media, which are then used as instruments of anti-Russian propaganda. Newspapers, research institutes, and other means for the formation of public opinion funded by the Russian Diaspora, which acts as a Praetorian guard for those politicians who hope to ride the wave of anti-Russian sentiment. They act as lobby from the face of the military industry and the political forces that benefit from the anti-Russian campaign. However, they are not alone.

3) the Israel Lobby and Saudi Arabia

A network of organizations that form the most powerful lobby in this country and in Europe are important, but mainly hidden, factors of growth and development of the anti-blitzkrieg.

In 2013, when President Obama sought approval in Congress of a military operation in Syria, the American-Israeli public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) placed on Capitol hill, hundreds of lobbyists, which was to get legislators in support of these plans. And that the Us-Israeli Committee and related groups have managed to put pressure on Congress and force it to impose sanctions against Syria.

When the Russians entered Syria to support Bashar al-Assad, their actions were contrary to the stated objectives of Israel, which has long been trying to overthrow the Syrian regime. Israeli officials in fact openly stated that they prefer Assad to Islamic state (is banned in Russia as a terrorist organization), and at the same time intend to undermine the position of their principal opponents in this region of Iran and Hizbollah, who, at the request of Assad fighting in Syria against the Islamic state.

A very well-funded Saudi lobby operating in concert with the American Israel public Affairs Committee and other Pro-Israel organizations, is another factor fueling the anti-Russian campaign. The Saudis, in cooperation with the Emirates of the Persian Gulf are funding “moderate” Islamists fighting to overthrow Assad, and then Russian intervention they are interested in fomenting a new cold war. Russia’s ties with Iran, of course, make Moscow an enemy of the Saudi Kingdom, and Washington, the Saudi lobby is a quiet struggle in the corridors of power.

4) Ideology

The crazy rhetoric coming from these “mainstream” figures in the Democratic party like Nancy Pelosi (Nancy Pelosi) and Adam Schiff (Adam Schiff) is not only appropriate in this case, by way of explanation of the inability of Hillary Clinton to become the mistress of the White house. We are talking about something much larger. Perhaps the most powerful factor encouraging anti-Russian polemics that we hear from our liberal democratic politicians and experts — it is about the controversy, which we have not heard in this country since the heyday of McCarthyism is an ideology.

Russia has become an international focus of populist conservatism and nationalism. Putin, speaking against globalization all the company’s annual meeting in Davos, suggested the revival of sovereignty as the organizing principle of a preferred world order.

Russia, speaking against cultural cosmopolitanism of Western elites, upholds traditional values. It is a red flag for American liberals, the war which in the name of political correctness ignores such antiquated forms, as national borders.

However, far more serious is Putin’s opposition to the idea of a “liberal international order”: Russian leader who clearly does not want to recognize his true place in the world, hard to support the validity of a multipolar world in which the will of Washington is not in charge.

The ideological split between East and West began before the war in Iraq, when the neocons were wildly unhappy that Putin has cleared the country from the oligarchs and made fun of American war propaganda. After that, he successively was subjected to contemptuous criticism of the idea, which shaped the foreign policy of the United States after the cold war, namely the concept of America as “hypertensive,” the dominant around the globe.

Putin is an unrepentant nationalist, and nationalism in any form — be it Russian, American, French, British or what else — is the enemy of not only our liberal globalists, but the neo-cons. This antipathy had United them during elections in 2016, and that it unites them in the framework of anti-Russian popular front (Anti-Russian Popular Front). The fact that representatives of both these areas is focused on discredit — with the subsequent impeachment of the President of trump on the grounds that he is “Putin’s puppet”, that allows these two obsessions to unite under the perfect tropicalismo storm.

No need to be a supporter of Putin or trump in order to see it as a danger. While the American political scene undergoes a seismic reorganization, the war party uses the plasticity of the current moment for increasing and strengthening their forces. Today, Putin is the new Saddam Hussein, and Russia — the new Iraq, and our indefatigable warmongers once again actively pursuing their work. In the modern version of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, the Alliance between liberals and neo-conservatives desperately maneuvering, moving in the direction of confrontation with Russia. They even got George Bush Jr. out of mothballs!

Will they be able to animate the dead frame wing Bush Republican party? While it is an open question, and I’ll believe it only when I see it. But in any case I have the opportunity to sit back and just enjoy the moment, because one of our “liberals” celebrating”, Dabliu” (“Dubya” is a variant of the abbreviation name of Bush), that is, Bush, as the Republican voice of Holiness indicates that we knew from the beginning that these people have no shame.

Important note: Yes, we live in ShowMessage times. George Bush is a hero “liberals”. The democratic party delivers a speech in the style of “John birch Society” model in about 1963. The reality star is the President of the United States. This brand new world. However, some things never change. And one of those eternal truths is that the war Party is active, and she constantly deals with its war-mongering on all continents.

Has not changed and one more thing — the website Antiwar.com continues by all means to fight the war Party. For more than 20 years we are in office, we are dispelling the propaganda war that fills our broadcasts and columns of our Newspapers 24/7. But we are not necessarily eternal — our continued existence depends on you, our readers and supporters.

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