The results of the week in numbers: the uncertain consumer sentiment Ukrainians and slowing global trade


584,5 mln 42 thousand people

was the population of Ukraine as of the end of 2016, which is 176 thousand less than it was at the end of 2015, estimated by the state statistics service.

200 202 people

work in Ukraine for public service, said the head of the National Agency for civil service issues Konstantin Vashchenko. By staff the schedule of government agencies the total number of posts of civil service is about 235 thousand people. While civil servants of category “A” (the highest category) 695 pers., category B – 55087 people and category “b” – 144420 people.

4.5 thousand people

since the beginning of this year accepted into the ranks of the Armed forces under contract, last year the contractors were about 70 thousand people, President Petro Poroshenko said that Ukraine retains conscription for military service, while refusing to mobilize.

two years

will last the procedure of liquidation of Bank “platinum”, which began on February 24. The NBU notes that 97% of all depositors of the Bank (197 thousand people) will receive their deposits in full, as their size does not exceed the guaranteed amount of 200 thousand UAH.

rose by 2 points

to the level 52 of the item, the consumer confidence index by Nielsen in Ukraine in the fourth quarter of 2016, according to a study of global consumer trust (The Nielsen Global Consumer Confidence and Spending Intentions Survey). This index was relatively stable last year, the company calls this “stability in crisis”: consumers are accustomed to, adapted to the conditions dictated to them the consumer market and the economy as a whole.

decreased by 3.4 points

in January the index of consumer sentiment to a reading of 53.7 (on a scale from 0 to 200), such data was received by the company GfK Ukraine. The index declined after strong gains in December, but the value is higher than in January last year.

920,2 million UAH

was in January the total amount of the subsidies meant to compensate families for housing and communal services, which is 31% higher than January 2016, According to state statistics, in January subsidies were assigned 604,9 thousand families, which is 126.4% more of the total number who applied for them, and 13.4% higher than last year. The average amount of subsidy per household in January increased by 15.3% in annual terms and amounted to 1.52 thousand UAH.

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decreased by 6.6%

to 56,71 million the number of mobile subscribers in Ukraine in 2016, while the number of Internet subscribers has increased almost three times, according to state statistics.

12 thousand cases

violations of the budget legislation on the part of administrators and recipients of funds revealed in 2016, the State Treasury service, for a total amount of 5.1 billion UAH. which is 37.8% more in annual terms.

122954 vehicles

new and used imported to Ukraine in 2016, about a third more in annual terms. There is an auto import grew by 74%. According to the Association “Ukrautoprom”, the bulk of imports was in passenger cars (87776). Despite the liberalization of conditions for used car imports, their share in imports fell from 39% in 2015 to 25% in the past year.

increased by 3.1%

in January in annual terms, retail trade turnover. At the end of last year this indicator has grown on 4%.

down 15.2%

last year, the volume of commissioning of housing – up to 9,367 million square metres, reported state statistics Committee. Just entered in operation 112, 6 thousand apartments, the average area of which amounted to 80.2 sq. m. at the expense of state budget introduced 30.3 thousand square meters of housing (0.3% of total volume), which is 42.3% less than in 2015.

twice a year

will be implemented by the recalculation of prices for gas supplied “Naftogaz of Ukraine” to the population, religious organizations and utility companies (for the needs of the population and religious organizations) as part of speculatively – this is the decision of the Cabinet.

258,7 thousand contracts

purchase and sale of apartments and houses assured notaries of Ukraine in 2016, which is 20% more in annual terms.

decreased by almost 25%

the number of subsidized local budgets in 2016, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman together with the reform of decentralization.

increased by 22.2%

in annual tax revenues to the budget of Kyiv at the end of 2016 – up of 38.69 billion. The basic source of filling the budget of the General Fund budget remains the tax on income of individuals – 45%, local taxes made up 35%.


increased by 5.2%

industrial production in Ukraine in January in annual terms (adjusted for the effect of calendar days), compared to 4.8% in December to 2.3% in November and 1.6% in October, reported state statistics Committee.

grew by 13.4%

the costs of servicing the state debt of Ukraine in 2016, up 95.8 billion UAH. According to the state Treasury, the cost of servicing domestic debt amounted to 62.6 billion UAH. external – 33.2 bln UAH. on repayment of the national debt last year went of 111.4 billion UAH. 3.7 times less than in 2015.

extended by two years

until October 4, 2019 the term of elimination of “Delta Bank”. The guarantee Fund of deposits of physical persons has started the liquidation of the Bank, October 8, 2015 From 2 March 2015 it worked as a temporary administration on the basis of the decision of the NBU on recognizing a Bank insolvent.

Photo: RBC-Ukraine

467 million UAH

allowed farmers to draw the project of agricultural receipts since its pilot launch in 2014 For the time given 80 receipts, 49 of them are already completed.

22 million euros

the next tranche of a loan from the European investment Bank (EIB) received the “Ukrhydroenergo”. These funds primarily will be used to Finance contracts for the reconstruction of hydroelectric units of Dnieper-1 and the Kiev PSP. In the framework of the project “Rehabilitation of HPP” EBRD and the EIB plan to allocate 200 million euros.

The world

5.5 billion dollars

may be the total volume of the three-year program of financial assistance to Mongolia. The money will provide the IMF, the Asian development Bank (ADB), the world Bank, the governments of Japan and South Korea and the people’s Bank of China will extend swap agreements with the Bank of Mongolia. In exchange for financial assistance, the country has undertaken a number of measures to reduce the budget deficit, but changes will not affect the expenses on social needs. Since 1990, this is the sixth programme of assistance to Mongolia from the IMF. The national economy is actively growing in 2011-2013, however, falling prices for raw materials undermined her.

7 nuclear power

commissioned last year in China, now there are operated 35 of these units, which account for only 2% of all capacity of power generation in the country.

parents 142.7 thousand children

in Australia denied benefits (their value reaches 15 thousand Australian dollars). The reason – refusal of vaccination for non-medical reasons. The average level of immunization of children in Australia now stands at 92.2%. In the course of the campaign were vaccinated for 200 thousand children. The authorities believe that the level of vaccination that allows you to achieve population immunity is 95%.

2.5% less

than in 1990 spent fuel equivalent of the 28 EU countries in 2015, Eurostat said. Relative to 2006, reaching its peak with an energy consumption fell 11.6%,

increased by approximately 1%

in 2016, global trade, while in 2015 the growth rate was 2% in 2014 and 2.7%. Growth rates continue to decelerate for the fifth consecutive year and are the lowest since the crisis of 2008-2009, the world Bank said. One reason for the slowdown is the increasing political uncertainty.