The national Bank has stepped up measures to prevent the outflow of capital in Russia

The national Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has tightened measures to prevent the outflow of capital in the Russian Federation as the aggressor state, reported on the website of the Central Bank.

“Now the national Bank has the right to refuse to issue individual licenses for carrying out separate currency transactions, if we identify in the documents submitted information that the member or person to or on behalf of whom this operation is the person with the location in the country, recognized by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine by the aggressor state/state-occupier”, – stated in the message.

The national Bank reminds that the law “On ensuring rights and freedoms of citizens and legal regime on the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine” Russia recognized as an aggressor state.

In this regard, the NBU introduced amendments to the instruction on procedure for issuing individual licenses for investing abroad, the situation on the procedure for issue of individual licenses on transfer of foreign currency outside Ukraine to pay for banking metals and carry out certain currency operations, the regulations on the procedure of granting NBU individual licenses for placement by residents (legal entities and individuals) of currency values on accounts outside Ukraine.

These changes fixed by resolution of the Board of NBU №12 “On making amendments in some regulatory legal acts of the NBU” dated February 21, 2017, with effect from February 23, 2017.