Mexico city does not intend to agree with the new guidelines on deportation of illegal immigrants from USA

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Mexico Luis Videgaray said that his country does not intend to accept the new instructions on the deportation of illegal immigrants from the United States, said on Wednesday the American TV channel Yu-es Hey tudey.

“I want to clearly identify the government and citizens of Mexico are not required to accept proposals that one state wants to press against another unilaterally – we will not accept them because we don’t have a reason, and it’s not in our interests,” said Valeriy.

Memoranda with new instructions for the us immigration service was published on the eve of the Ministry of internal security of the United States.

They, in particular, says the introduction of a new order of deportation, under which immigration officers to deport the detected illegal immigrants of Latin American origin in Mexico, even if they are not from this country.

This part of innovation was the reason for such a reaction from the Mexican Minister, who said that Mexico will not cooperate with the US on this issue.

Earlier it was reported that these agreements will also serve to simplify the process of expulsion and increase the number of illegal immigrants subject to immediate deportation right after they identify the immigration officers and internal security service.