How to keep slender after the third confinement

The slender figure after the third child — not a utopia, not a pipe dream, but a reality that you need to build with their hands. Follow five basic rules, and your figure will be fine, writes

The dream of a third child, but I’m afraid to permanently lose weight? Maybe “happiness cubed” have peacefully wheeze in bed and you pick yourself a suitable diet in order to enjoy the reflection of the slender figure in the mirror? We can help you with advice. But the act will have the most — alas, this is the fee for beauty.

Slender figure after the third confinement protects breastfeeding. The energy demand of lactation is 500-600 kcal daily. The longer you feed your baby, the higher the probability that your shape will be gently and quietly to get into their old framework. However, it does not need to eat “for two”. It is enough if you eat “for two”. That is to follow a balanced diet, but not to exceed its calorie content.

Accept what you cannot change. Every new birth “pushing” the pelvic bones of women at 1-2 cm after the third confinement the quantity of your pelvis can increase compared to nee 6, see Much? Alas, it is pure physiology, due largely to genes: there are in the world are girls, the amount of the pelvis after delivery, which remains unchanged. But they are few. Don’t despair from this, remove the negative the positive. Even visually the value is not the volume of the thighs in women, and the amount of body fat on them. Woman with wide hips, but flat stomach looks very sexy. If you’re going to suffer so much for this reason, the body will “overhear” your claim and make it worse. These are the laws of psychosomatics. Accept the inevitable as a gift, don’t fight with them!

Dish is the balance of calories. How many diets did not exist, they all agree on one thing: the person loses weight, if the quantity of calories than the number consumed. Want to save the figure after the third birth? Count the calories! Tedious, but very helpful!

Do some sport! It is an indispensable condition of good appearance and slim figure after the third child. And after the first — too. In addition, the sport allows you to expend extra calories, it also enriches the body with hormones of happiness, which oppose the stress hormones — storage of excess weight.

And one last tip: to lose weight after childbirth, get enough sleep and love yourself! Third child and chronic lack of sleep — the concept is, unfortunately, related. But chronic lack of sleep, chronic fatigue — the strongest “engine” in the direction of excess weight. Stress hormones, which saturates the body, require compensation — pleasure hormones. And get them easier from meals. So sleep, relax and lose weight!