Alina Temnikov: “I Never regretted that I’m half Russian”

The drama club helped Alina shy to loosen up. Today Domnikov is one of the rising stars of the Finnish theatre and cinema.

Soon on the Russian TV will start showing a historical series “Catherine. Rise.” One of the roles played by Alina Temnikov.

Yle: Alina, as you found Russian producers?

Alina Temnikov: I did, at least, three samples of the photos took themselves on a mobile phone and sent to Moscow. It was a long process, they thought long and hard and finally chose me.

— The situation on the Russian set is somewhat different from local…

— There was a huge number of helpers, assistants who were actors. One person deals with my tickets, the other helped on the set, another took us from the hotel and brought back. It was a very large group.

Well, the atmosphere was also slightly different. In Finland on the set, people want everything to be calm and positive, and in Russia, I felt that the atmosphere is also positive, but with emotions.

— Alina, let’s wind the clock back ago. When did you realize you wanted to become an actress?

— I was very shy so my parents enrolled me in drama club that I started. I was in steinerschool school, where we every three years did the performances, and I remember that in sixth grade I played D’artagnan. And there was a moment when one boy forgot to go on stage. All other somehow froze and I felt a surge of adrenaline and began to improvise. I remember that in the circle I was free and easy. I understood that world.

Dad is very much engaged me, and often filming me. What this small and shy Alina was not doing! Led mushroom show, played the piano, flirting with the camera… the way it turned out.

— The family you were surrounded by Russian culture, traditions, language. Outside the house on this ground you have a problem?

— Yes, I was teased at school due to the fact that I had a strange name, and my dad didn’t look like the other dads, and for the fact that I spoke Russian. But I never regretted the fact that I’m half Russian, I know Russian culture — it was my secret language.

— You never want to be like everyone else?

— No. I think everyone wants to be unique. No, I have never regretted. I’m always very proud of the fact that I’m in so much Russian, how many there are.

By the way, how did you study in school?

Very good. I was a student. I have a penchant for perfectionism. Because of this I, for example, very difficult to watch myself on the screen. I had to literally force myself to do it because it helps to notice that you can do better. Yes, I want to go forward.

— Do you know Russian language, culture helped you in your profession?

— Russian culture taught me to be honest to myself, taught that we should not be afraid to feel. A person is not one emotion, but many are different, and they change: so today, and will soon be quite different. It seems to me that this openness helped me a lot in the works, because there should feel. Well, a concrete example: I got the first role in Russia because I speak Russian.

— How do you think about such term as “Russian”? You could be called “Finnish Russian actress”?

— Yes, it’s normal for me. Of course, it depends on each individual, how he feels here. For example, my dad: he lives in Finland for 30 years, and it feels very good, it feels Finn. Personally, I can be called Russian Finland.

— What are you working on? Where removed?

— Has just released a new season of Yle series produced by Syke (Pulse), in which I play a very interesting role — junkie. Then another series Downshiftaajat (“Downshifters”), is also the second season — I play a woman who paints pictures. And soon we will start filming the new television series, Yle is also where I will be playing blind.