The new Advisor to trump on national security talked about the Ukraine and Russian aggression

The position of Director of the national security Council in the administration of Donald trump after the resignation of Michael Flynn took General McMaster, which can be attributed to the camp of the “hawks” in Washington.

The Pentagon McMaster has long pushed for the adaptation of the armed forces of the United States to the methods of “hybrid war” that Russia is using against Ukraine, and the increasing readiness of the U.S. armed forces for a possible confrontation with Moscow, writes “Voice of America”.

Until recently McMaster in the Pentagon and headed the integration of the combat capabilities of the US army and was Deputy commander of the Command of academic and scientific research on the development of the army.

Just named General H. R. McMaster National Security Advisor.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 20, 2017

In may 2016, in a speech at the influential American center CSIS, McMaster noted that Russia has intensified at a time when the United States carried out a strategic downsizing of the military presence in several regions.

McMaster said bluntly, using the examples of Ukraine and Crimea, the philosophy of deterrence of Russia, which professed the US and NATO failed.

White House statement on new NSA McMaster: “I will work tirelessly in this new role”

— Molly O’toole (@mollymotoole) 20 Feb 2017

“Now we have realized the threat posed by Russia, which until recently led a limited war with a clear purpose: annexed Crimea, invaded Ukraine (and all this with zero losses), consolidated acquired the territory and our reaction to it serves as aggressive,” said McMaster.

“In order to counter such actions of Russia, we need to strengthen the front line: so that at the very beginning of a possible conflict, the enemy suffered significant losses. While the approach to military deterrence should be based on the philosophy of serious harm to the aggressor not only at the stage of counter-attack, but the defense advanced that the enemy realized that he could not attain its goal of acceptable losses. So, and not due to the conventional balance of forces and the threat of retaliation after an act of aggression. Past experience has shown us that the latter approach is inadequate,” said McMaster.

The purpose of the McMaster congratulated even critics of trump, noting that the General was famous for, among other things, a book which mercilessly criticized the U.S. military for failing to deny politicians of the US military adventure in Vietnam. Based on this, observers suggest that McMaster is not afraid to contradict the head of the White house.

McMaster actively studied the experience of the conflict in the East of Ukraine was the initiator of the analysis of the fighting there to determine the necessary for the U.S. Army of the changes that would allow her to effectively oppose the Russian army in case of conflict. This was in may of 2016 wrote to Politico.

Last year, McMaster wrote a secret Army study that targeted Russia

— Blake Hounshell (@blakehounshell) February 20, 2017

McMaster is an ardent pobrania strengthening and modernization of the armed forces of the United States with the aim to preserve and increase the technical advance of possible opponents, which, in his opinion, the armed forces of the USA and allies are losing. At the beginning of last year, McMaster has publicly stated that the US and its allies dangerously reduced their military power.

McMaster, among other things, stated that the US army in its current state is not ready to face the challenges is Russian artillery, given how the latter manifested itself in the East of Ukraine.

He also drew attention to the masterful use of Russian attacks in cyberspace, drones and electronic warfare to neutralize the enemy. These aspects of the McMaster has repeatedly drawn attention in the course of his Senate testimony.

More on what McMaster has been thinking about recently:

— Charles Morrison (@ChasMorrison) 20 Feb 2017

Close to McMaster called Philip Curbera, military researcher “the Potomac Foundation,” which visited the front line in the East of Ukraine and submitted for consideration by military and public experts USA your report on the methods of warfare of Russia. Carbury, in particular, noted that the armed forces of the United States went into the lead in their methods of using artillery and rocket launchers, as well as in their quality.