How to remove face puffiness in the morning

Looking in the morning mirror, any of us has ever noticed on his face the swelling or puffiness. The reason for this may be banal fatigue of the body, stress, drinking large amounts of liquid before bedtime or on the contrary a shortage of it in the body, lack of oxygen or poor circulation.

4 ways to get rid of puffiness

There are many ways and recipes, as in a matter of seconds to get rid of puffiness under the eyes. Will focus on the most effective and tested recipes, writes

Perhaps the easiest way to quickly get rid of edema is applied to the eyes brewed and cooled teabags. Can handle any kind of tea, make a start on their preferences and, of course, the availability of tea in the house.

Also another record for eliminating puffiness is cucumber, which is also perfectly refreshes the skin. It can be used, just cut into circles and attach to the eyes for 20 minutes, and if time allows, you can grate it and apply the resulting slurry to the eyes.

If you did not have cucumber, potatoes can be found in each house. It can also be used as a cucumber. The greatest effect from the grated potatoes is, if you add a bit of fresh parsley. You can also make a compress or lotion for the eyes from potato juice.

About the benefits, the most popular flower in the home kit – the Daisy can talk endlessly. You will instantly feel relief to the eyes, soaked in chamomile extract cotton pads.

Well, the most simple and urgent way, if you did not have at hand none of the above is the ordinary ice which can be easily made using the freezer. Of course, you can work hard and frozen camomile tea or tea in the morning and then you can quickly get rid of edema.