Dossier on the disease: why the kissing disease mononucleosis is most common in children

A sore throat, coating on the tonsils at first glance, an ordinary sore throat. But its manifestations can hide rather insidious virus Epstein — Barr. This herpesvirus that improper or delayed treatment causing very serious consequences: from autoimmune diseases to meningitis. It is transmitted by airborne droplets, for example, the child through mother’s kiss, so before this disease was even called “kissing disease.”

THE MAIN DIFFERENCES BETWEEN. “It begins with weakness, sore throat, fever, as in conventional SARS. Interestingly, from the moment of infection to the acute form can take from 5 days to 1.5 months — says the capital’s pediatrician Vera Kirilenko. — Suspect mononuclear sore throat can be primarily in the lymph nodes: they grow up to 5 cm in diameter.

“Sometimes they even soldered in conglomerates,” — says Elena Golovach, head of the infectious box Department of the Kiev city children’s clinical hospital for infectious diseases. So, at 13-summer Andrey Goncharuk from Kiev to severe pain in the throat accompanied by swollen glands in the back of his neck. “They were the size of a chicken egg. The doctor suggested mono and sent to donate blood. Unfortunately, the diagnosis was confirmed, his mother said Anna zaglada-Goncharuk. —Well, that time started the right treatment, and the virus did not manage to fall below, other lymph nodes in the body”.

“Also, when mononuclear angina is usually a stuffy nose, and the baby can’t breathe — adds Kirilenko. — If the patient has only a sore throat, and the nose breathes well — not exactly mono”.

In half of the cases in cases of increased liver and spleen, and appears on the tonsils, purulent plaque. Often a rash, which is taken for allergies. “To dispel doubts and make a correct diagnosis, donate blood atypical mononuclear cells”, — says Vera Kirilenko.

TO BECOME SICK MORE OFTEN. At risk for Contracting the virus Aptana — Barr — children, because of a deficient immune system. Although the seasonality of the disease is not often in the hospital they fall in the winter and spring due to lowered immunity. If the child is prone to frequent colds, the chance of Contracting mononucleosis at it above. Children with strong protective functions of the body the virus cannot always approach. Unfortunately, such is becoming less.

“If before our Department there were units with mono, then in the last 5 years years, this disease has become very common. We have only with this virus are treated about two hundred children a year”, — says Elena Golovach.

Subject to the “kissing disease” and adults, but they take up much less frequently than children. “During the year we held treatment for mononucleosis a few dozen adults, — says Andrey Snitzer, chief doctor of the Sumy regional infectious diseases hospital. — The most senior up to 40 years: after this age the child usually do not get sick, and similar symptoms may indicate other diseases, even cancer”.


To three weeks after recovery can be fatigue, weakness, low temperature 37,2—37,4. Alas, after this time the Epstein — Barr may be felt, as it permanently resides in our cells, and from time to time there is “asleep”. And to Wake him up any stress — both psychological and physiological. For example, due to hypothermia. By the way, I have been ill with mononucleosis year ban tan: excessive exposure to the sun also can Wake up the virus as the immune system thus weakened.
Manifest complications of the disease can and after 10-20 years. “Patients with mononucleosis takes a long time to observe. This disease can cause damage to the nervous system. Also autoimmune disease when the immune system aktiviziruyutsya excessive and begins to produce antibodies are not foreign agents and viruses, and the cells of your body: nervous system, heart, liver, thyroid and kidneys. And starts an autoimmune disease, the triggering factor which had mono — explains Andrey Snitzer. — They say that Epstein — Barr can cause the growth of tumors, so some are treated with interferon”.

Sunbathing banned a year after recovery


In the hospital infected with virus, Epstein-Barr hospitalitynet if the disease is severe.

“It is important to consider the condition of the nasopharynx of the child: the degree of difficulty of nasal breathing. The hospital also receives children who have long-term elevated temperature, which rises the temperature can be up to 40 degrees, and patients with possible complications in the form of purulent inflammation of the lymph nodes, meningitis and encephalitis”, — said Elena Golovach.

“The hospital put also if increase organs: liver and spleen. Usually this “connection” comes after 2 weeks of disease. If after a week, you often find another herpesvirus — cytomegalovirus”, adds Vera Kirilenko.

If the “kissing disease” occurs in mild form, it is possible to stay at home, but the doctor must see the patient every day. Treated, as a rule, antiviral drugs, connecting antibiotics depending on the severity of the angina. In the acute phase, which can last up to three months, appoint detox — drink plenty of liquids and droppers. Also be required — sparing diet: dishes steamed, exclude from the diet flour, chocolate, spices, and raw vegetables. But, most importantly, polupostelny mode because of the tension of the spleen. The body becomes so vulnerable that even the slightest fall or impact during the game may rupture. For this reason, at the time of illness limit any physical exertion.

The disease let the patient gradually. “For three months leave first manifestations of angina, then reduced the lymph nodes, spleen and liver, — says Elena Golovach. — If the virus recurs, prescribed interferon drugs that enhance the protective functions of the body.”