Republicans will protect our country!

Of concern when President trump with Russia are a clear threat to America’s national security. As it became known this week, surrounded by Mr. trump during the election campaign was in frequent contact with Russian officials, among whom were high-ranking employees of the Russian special services. Combined with Russia’s attempts to influence the election in favor of Mr. trump this leads many to suspect him of collusion with one of the main strategic opponents of the United States. On Monday, the Advisor to Mr. trump on national security, Michael Flynn (Michael T. Flynn) was forced to resign after details became known about its communication with the Russian Ambassador.

Now the main responsibility lies with the Republican leaders in Congress. They should bring the President to account and to defend the country. However, they are not entitled to pretend that they did not expect Russian intervention, because from the very beginning all was well aware.

In early 2015 the Republican leaders of Congress visited Ukraine and returned in awe of the struggle for independence, which she led, in spite of Russia’s attempts to destabilize the situation on its territory and to Annex a part of its regions. And in June — by coincidence, just before Mr. trump announced his willingness to fight for his nomination from the Republican party — they met in Washington with Prime Minister of Ukraine. I attended this meeting as an employee of the Republican conference of the house of representatives.

Further, in the course of the campaign, some of these leaders began to see Parallels between the Russian disinformation operations in Ukraine and Europe and Russia’s activities in the United States. They were especially disturbed by the Pro-Kremlin cable channel, RT America, which, in their view, sought to undermine the trust of Americans for democratic institutions and promoted the candidacy of Mr. trump. I have repeatedly seen how deeply disturbed the Republican leaders informally discussed their concerns.

In addition, some of them were disturbed by the band of Mr. trump’s attacks on Latinos, Muslims, women and people with disabilities and his views on social policy, fiscal spending and national security. In addition, many unnerved his explosive temperament, selfishness and autocratic tendencies. However, in public, and they are usually limited to mild criticism of the most scandalous statements of Mr. trump and all was silent, fearing to set against the party of his supporters.

With the development of the election campaign, which was led by Mr. trump, concerns also began to cause a steady sympathy that he felt for Russian President Vladimir Putin and his statements to justify Russian invasion to Ukraine. In December 2015, Mr. trump said in a live TV Morning Joe, speaking about Mr. Putin: “He runs his country and he, at least, the leader, unlike what we see in our country.” He also compared the murderous regime of Mr. Putin with the us government, saying that “our country, too many kills”. Then he repeated the phrase, even as President.

Such questionable statements, Mr. trump made one of the senior Republicans sadly say to his colleagues that, in his opinion, Mr. trump runs the Kremlin and Russian special services, probably has dirt on Mr. trump. Other leaders were surprised by the directness of this statement, but to challenge him did not.

When Mr. trump began to win in one state after another, the Republican leaders began to accept the idea that he could potentially become the candidate of the party — and then with the idea that he probably will be. In the process most of them did not support any of the candidates, but hoped that Mr. trump will be able to stop. However, by early may 2016, his victory was, in essence, a fait accompli, and they found themselves in an unenviable position. As party leaders they could not go against the voting results.

In the end, they, one after another, expressed support for Mr. trump. Many of them simply stated that it is willing to support the candidate of the party, clearly avoiding to mention the name. However, with some there was an amazing political metamorphosis, and they even found reasons to rejoice in the success of Mr. trump.

Some naturally sought to return to the White house with a Republican President who will maintain a close policy and will appoint conservative Supreme court judges. Others thought that Mr. trump, despite all his faults, will shake Washington. Someone just saw good career opportunities — because Mr. trump at the time have not yet chosen their candidate for Vice-President, and in the case of election victories would need blocks for the formation of the government.

Amazingly, some of those leaders who were most disturbed by the subversive activities of Russia and the possible presence of her dirt on Mr. trump, became his first supporters in Congress and most actively supported it — publicly or privately. In fact, they are the most unsightly way jeopardize national security for political self-preservation and party ambitions.

Now the worst fears of these leaders seem to be confirmed. Mr. Flynn was the third member of the team, Mr. trump, who left because of problems with Russia. Earlier also left the head of the electoral headquarters of Mr. trump by Paul Manafort (Manafort Paul) and adviser to Mr. trump on foreign policy Carter Paige (Carter Page).

It is unlikely that the situation can be corrected by itself. At stake is the security of America. The leaders of the Republicans in Congress can no longer afford to suffer from internal conflicts. It was time to go back to the Patriotic discretion and to demand from the General Prosecutor Jeff and Roman sessions (Jeff Sessions), so he appointed a special independent investigator to investigate the possible collusion of Mr. trump with the Kremlin and the Russian aggression against American democracy.

At least they should create a in the House of representatives or the Senate bipartisan special Committee with the right to call and examine witnesses. It is too important and difficult work to be able to instruct the permanent Committee on intelligence, before which and without that are extremely important, and resources are limited. Our country is a need for transparency in this matter. In those cases, when possible, public hearings should be held.

The Republicans in Congress, for reasons of endorsing the benefits gained with the help of Moscow victory, Mr. trump, now must defend the country against the dangers it carries.

Evan McMullin (Evan McMullin), a former CIA officer, was the chief political Director of the Republican conference of the house of representatives from January 2015 to August 2016. He left this post to run for the presidency as an independent candidate.