Johnson: I Agree with Poroshenko that the Kremlin – revanchist tendencies

British foreign Minister Boris Johnson believes revanchist Kremlin behind the war in Ukraine. About this, Johnson said at the panel discussion “the Future of the West: the fall or return” (“The future of the West: Downfall or Comeback”) in the framework of the 53rd Munich security conference, answering a question of the people’s Deputy from BPP Svetlana Zalishchuk.

“If you ask me, did the Bucharest Declaration (we are talking about the results of the NATO summit in Bucharest in 2008, where Ukraine and Georgia were denied membership in NATO – Ed.) to hybrid war against Ukraine, then I’m not sure that it is not. It would have happened anyway. I agree with Poroshenko, who said that the Kremlin is dominated by revisionist trends. We see what is happening in the Balkans, we see how to manipulate with French channels…NATO should think that cyberterrorism and hybrid warfare are a reality and we need a strategy of response, how to contain these actions. How do we know who is the instigator? This is a very difficult questions which need urgent answers,” said Boris Johnson.