Former British MP ahead of the US media with materials on trump and Russia

While journalists are struggling to penetrate one of the innermost secrets of Washington, talking about the investigation of possible contacts team trump with Moscow is one of the most sensational materials publishes totally unexpected, the author: a former British MP and novelist Louise straight ahead, Ben.

Straight ahead, Ben lives in new York since 2012, resigned from the post of MP from the Conservative party (she was introduced in the House of Commons Corby district), to spend more time with their children and her husband, an American named Peter, the Manager of Metallica.

Today, 45-year-old native of London, straight ahead, Ben, Louise (nee Bagshaw), novels which were once the largest in the British bestseller lists women’s literature, appears in a completely new role: if the day she works for News Corp Rupert Murdoch, the night investigating ties Donald trump with Moscow.


On the eve of the November elections straight ahead, Ben published a sensational article in which it was reported that a special court for intelligence in Washington gave the FBI a warrant for the observation of the “group of American citizens” during the investigation of possible contacts between Russian banks and the trump organization.

Then this message has not received the big resonance. The article was published on Heat Street, the website with a libertarian slant, which is owned by media group News Corp and is not really known. As well as straight ahead, Ben, whose public profile recently, consisted mainly of a series of angry outbursts on Twitter.

Meanwhile, for several months the American media collectively tried to prove the secret connection between presidential campaign, trump and the Kremlin, but their efforts are not brought.

At the end of October, the online magazine Slate published an article about the mysterious communication between the Russian “Alfa-Bank” and the server is connected to the organization of trump, but The New York Times referred to the FBI officials who allegedly said he already looked in there and decided that this computer contacts “can be found innocent explanation”.

But two months later, the BBC published an article which repeats the information straight ahead, Ben, about a warrant issued in October by the court in the framework of the law on foreign intelligence and allowing the Ministry of justice to study the transfers and contacts between Russian banks and associates trump. The article also said that U.S. intelligence agencies were investigating in this direction.

The Guardian has confirmed separately on the initial request for issuance of a FISA warrant, who in early summer were dismissed and former officials said that, in their opinion, the data is straight ahead, Ben and the BBC about the orders were correct.

In mid-January, the news Agency McClatchy reported that one of its sources also confirmed this information, and the public editor of the New York Times Liz spade (Liz Spayd) on 20 January published its own analysis of the coverage of Russian ties with trump, claiming that it had been “too timid”. The Times, said spade, “was known several important facts: that the FBI at the time, conducted a comprehensive investigation of the organization of trump and, perhaps, about FISA orders”.


We don’t know the full details about the links between the camp of the tramp and the Kremlin. Currently, trump has power over all intelligence agencies, who investigated ties with Russia. The investigation was officially started in the Senate, but there are in power the Republicans, and it seems, only a handful of senators willing to publicly Express their disagreement with others in the quest to get to the truth.

Whatever it was, it becomes increasingly obvious that straight ahead, Ben was able to publish the sensational material that has eluded the best of American journalists involved in the investigation. She explains that speaking a staunch defender of intelligence agencies in the UK and USA after the disclosure by former NSA employee Snowden facts of mass surveillance, it has earned the trust of their sources.

“They gave me one of the strictest secrets of intelligence, she said in a telephone interview. — People wonder why I decided to trust this information. I have not met in a dark alley with a man in a Fedora, but they saw in me someone who has political experience and is their friend. I am a strong supporter of national security. Divided loyalty — it’s not about me.”

According to straight ahead, Ben, it won its reputation among intelligence professionals on both sides of the Atlantic after he criticized The Guardian for the way the newspaper treated the NSA materials leaked through Snowden, who at that time left his job at the NSA in Hawaii and fled to Hong Kong.

The documents included extensive information about the Agency electronic intelligence, UK (GCHO), and straight ahead, Ben argued that moving files around the world is trafficking stolen state secrets, which puts at risk the lives of members of British intelligence.

The Guardian, in turn, argued that information about the extent of mass surveillance in the UK and USA should be in the public domain that the data was distributed among the journalists with the necessary responsibility and respect for safety measures and public records there is nothing that could pose a threat to the lives of the staff of GCHQ.

Straight ahead, Ben presented himself as the defender of the intelligence officers, who were not able to fend for themselves due to the secret nature of their work. She often uses the hashtag #TeamBond. “I am a patriot in the service of the intelligence community,” she said.

A few weeks after sensation with FISA straight ahead, Ben was removed from his duties as editor-in Heat Street, but she said that she asked for new place because she wanted to develop new digital projects for News Corp.

Straight ahead, Ben continues to investigate the relations of the administration of the tramp with the Russian government, but now in his spare time, publishing his theory in the Twitter and blog. Lately it tracks flights in private jets that are associated with Russian oligarchs and colleagues trump. Straight ahead, Ben insists that neither Murdoch nor anyone from the top leadership largely loyal to the Trump company News Corp did not exert pressure on it to force it to cease its previous activity. According to straight ahead, Ben, she prefers the freedom afforded to her self-publishing.

“I don’t want my text edited, she said. Editors will ask: who are your sources? And I can’t to tell them”.

When it comes to charges, straight ahead, Ben spares no one in their tweets and have repeatedly been exposed as traitors by some in the environment trump. Straight ahead, Ben says that is not afraid to bring to trial for slander. “This is still happening, because I was always right,” she said.