Trump, Putin and fatal passion

Donald trump imagines that can behave in the White house as he pleases. The share of the ninth Federal district court of Seattle was chosen to mark the limits of presidential power in the country when he cancelled the decree trump the ban on entry of migrants from seven Muslim countries. And now, when his resignation was forced to leave the national security Advisor, Michael Flynn, became visible boundaries of presidential powers in foreign policy. We can say that the President was able to subdue, although trump and humility are incompatible.

The first week of his presidency were catastrophic as we had feared. Trump behaves in the oval office is exactly the same as during the race. Chaos and hostility in the White house to disarm foreign allies and give strength to opponents. America’s position in the world — worse. And all this comes at a time when the middle East continues to blaze a fire, and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-UN is testing ballistic missiles that can carry nuclear warheads.

Hope trump on some kind of Grand bargain with Russian President Vladimir Putin has evaporated. Flynn’s resignation for lying to the Vice-President Mike Pence on conversations with the Russian Ambassador in Washington will not weaken the concern about the administration contacts with Moscow until the day of the inauguration. Legislators and law enforcement agencies will ask Trump and his assistants questions in three areas.

First, how extensive were these? Who exactly was involved, what were the conversations, was there any formal or implied agreement about the direction of American politics after the arrival of the trump in the White house? The second area is the examination of the financial ties trump with Russia. We are talking about a thorough investigation that it was necessary to spend more during campaigns and the disclosure of the tax returns of the President. There is a third direction, which is particularly important due to the fact that the White house was quick to dismiss Flynn, when I found out about his lies. This is an old question from the days of Watergate: what did the President know and when he found out about it?

Violent attacks on those who disclose this secret information will not help Trump. This politician publicly rejoiced that Russian hackers attacked the headquarters of the Democratic party during the presidential campaign. Controversial tweets from trump’s criticism of the various departments and the media only confirms numerous reports The New York Times, The Washington Post and CNN that relations with Moscow were extensive. And sounds one nagging question: why trump is not even a shadow of doubt in the Russian leader who invades a neighboring country and spits on the rules and norms of behavior in the international arena?

Whatever the answer to this question, happy smile in Moscow are replaced by angry looks. Investigation of the relationships of the team trump with Moscow will last for several months, if not more. Putin had hoped to conclude with the American President, the agreement on nominal cooperation in the fight against ISIS (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization — approx. TRANS.) in exchange for the lifting of sanctions and tacit reconciliation with the Russian revanchism. But such an agreement must be stumbled to the opposition from many Republican congressmen. And now it is hardly possible.

Babysitting Flynn is a good news. This retired army intelligence officer showed himself an adherent of conspiracy theories and Islamophobia. He, along with the rest during the campaign chanted the slogan “jail her!” trying to hurt Hillary Clinton. His presence in the oval office among the closest associates of trump contributed to strengthening the President’s worst prejudices. It seems that he shared the love President Putin. Now Trump will have to appoint as his top adviser on foreign policy more traditional views.


Optimists — and they are in our days a bit — say the system of checks and balances in America has proved its efficiency, although not quite the usual way — through leaks of classified information. The change of leadership in the national security Council would enhance the credibility of James Mattis at the Pentagon and Rex Tillerson at the state Department. On the trump may also be pressured to removed from the national security Council of his chief strategist and a kindred soul by Stephen Bannon. Bannon, as the extreme nationalist wing, is living in anticipation of civilizational clash with Islam and considers the inevitable war with China.

But trump is still the President. He despises the basic norms and values that underlie American leadership. He is more inclined to scold and blame old friends than to strengthen alliances. Remember his emotional attacks on the Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull.

In his letter in connection with the resignation of Flynn showed that the White house today is very similar to Wonderland, which at the time I visited Alice. In three short weeks, wrote Flynn, the President regained the “leading America’s standing” in the world. And the outgoing post General might add that the crowd for the presidential inauguration was the biggest and even the most gigantic in the entire history of human existence.

Can not continue, said this week one who lost patience? Trump will have to change. But can he change? And if not, how long will it last? What have we come to if today, the whole world looks to the American President as a strange eccentric and mishandled Cossack?