The attacks of America on the Mexico — an attempt on the freedom of trade

Being in office just a few weeks, Donald trump has managed to provoke confrontation in several directions and to confirm our fears. He is a threat not only to international trade and global economic growth, but also for the international order, environmental protection, racial and religious minorities, NATO, UN and so on.

Unfortunately, the President trump has a special interest in offensive attacks on Mexico, knowing that between our countries there is a huge inequality. While trump is convinced that “every nation” uses the United States in its interests, its methods of treatment Mexico — threats, insults and the desire to humiliate — indicate that this may become a permanent feature in his behavior. How it should react to other countries?


Mr. trump claims that the North American free trade agreement is unfair, because the USA has a trade deficit. This accusation is absurd and indicates a lack of understanding of the basic concepts of macroeconomics. This protectionist stance is reminiscent of the worst demagogic regimes in Latin America and their failures. Trump shy away from how successful was the agreement for the United States and throughout North America.

Mexican and American economies are complementary. This has led to the emergence of complex supply chain: every day cross the border with goods to amount of half a billion dollars. Mexico is the second largest importer of American goods. This rate in 2015 reached almost 250 billion dollars, more than twice the rate of China and approximately the same level as in the EU as a whole, including the UK.

U.S. exports to Mexico, which grows by an average of 7% a year, directly employs about 1.1 million jobs in America. Six million depend on bilateral trade. This latter figure included 40% of the total value of finished products exported from Mexico to the United States (according to the U.S. Department of Commerce, typical exported from Mexico to the United States the product 40% of parts made in the USA approx.ed.) Thanks to this integration of North America is one of the most dynamic regions in the world.

All this time, NAFTA was the driving force of growth on both sides of the border: Mexican sabotage of the economy can contribute to regional development. In addition, the more jobs, Mr. trump destroys in Mexico, the more immigrants it attracts in the United States.

The construction of the wall between the two countries, who are neighbors, partners and prospective allies, or as a hostile act can not be called. Several decades have taught us that such ideas are expensive and useless. More than one thousand kilometers of fencing have been built, and in the way of their completion are huge technical, environmental and legal obstacles. In addition, the indicators of total immigration (the ratio of immigrants and emigrants — approx.ed.) Mexican workers in the U.S. fell in 2010 to zero and are currently negative.


Obviously, no one wants to pay for such a project. So, Mr. trump made the ridiculous suggestion that it should be done in Mexico. The Mexican people (and a large number of Americans) refuse to accept such a senseless idea. Where in the world and what law should pay for what your neighbour is building on his own land?

Mexico will not tolerate this kind of abuse. We have to protect ourselves legally, diplomatically, economically and politically. There are legal instruments to comply with U.S. laws and international laws enacted in NAFTA and the world trade organization. Mexico can use them to fight back.


The greatness of the United States provides, including the rule of law. American judges are already demonstrating what it means even in relation to the first persons of the state.

In addition, the United States hundreds of exporting companies in the field of automotive industry, retail trade, agriculture and other fields join forces to resist the import duties and restrictions imposed on trade with Mexico, as a consequence of these measures will increase prices for American consumers, and the decline of competitiveness of us producers in the global market.


The revision of NAFTA, most likely, will negatively affect our country. So that such a review be carried at all should not be. But if Mexico will be forced to sit at the negotiating table, it is necessary to consider the entire spectrum of bilateral relations, i.e. security, combat organized crime and drug trafficking, transit migration, and intelligence cooperation.

Team President trump needs to understand that the United States can’t take Mexico for granted. America can not afford to lose its southern neighbor in many respects, a vital ally.

International cooperation is of fundamental importance. At stake is more than meaningless wall and its funding. Threatened the very foundations on which modern civilization: freedom, respect between peoples, the rule of law, democracy, free trade and economic freedom. Each of them is essential to stimulate growth. Mexico resists, but needs the support and solidarity in the protection of liberal values. Today they challenge the most powerful politician on the planet.

Felipe calderón — President of Mexico from 2006 to 2012