Notes from the press conference: Donald trump broke loose

As far as we know, Donald trump came into the Oval office Thursday morning and said he wants to hold a press conference. On the same day.


And that’s exactly what he did. And how!


Officially, the President wanted to tell the press who he wants to appoint to the post of Minister of labour. But it would be hard to call this a press conference or the usual routine.


Nominees — Alexander Acosta — in a hall was not. That’s probably for the best, because of him, quickly forgotten, and 76-minute press conference immediately turned into something resembling a Rugby game without any rules.


You can forget about the fact that, traditionally, the White house communicates with the journalists very restrained and disciplined.


Instead, we brought the trump in all his transme.

Is a spontaneous, improvised statements helped him to defeat all rivals and become President.


So it is not surprising that he decided to resort to the same method in order to give new impetus to his presidency, who is only four weeks (!) old.


Donald trump unleashed, and he is, apparently, very much.


“Information leakage absolutely real, but the news is fake”


Press conference Thursday turned into another round match between Donald trump and the press.


Trump called journalists of the major media voice of the “vicious system” of groups, which he tries protistoyat. For his supporters, those words — the same as Catnip for cats. Besides, this way he protects himself from the tsunami of negative news stories.


When he was repeatedly asked to comment on the still ongoing scandal around his — now former — national security Advisor Michael Flynn, of Flynn’s relations with Russia and how the White house reacted to this information, the President first tried to answer the questions, but then began to accuse “unscrupulous” journalists who should be “ashamed” of their erroneous reports, based on illegal information leaks. (Yes, trump did not notice logical contradictions in this statement).

© AP Photo, Carolyn KasterЭкс-Advisor to the President for national security Michael Flynn

He accused the journalists of New York Times and the Wall Street Journal that those not contacted him personally before they published their article, apparently thinking that every journalist has a personal mobile phone.


He even managed to engage in trolling during a press conference, telling the CNN reporter that his company “could be better if changed.”


“I started today with that honest press important to the people — continued the Donald trump. — The people you no longer believe. Maybe I have this attitude. I don’t know. But they don’t believe you”.


For all time of the press conference, Trump was pleasant to argue with obviously critical to him by journalists about the honesty and truthfulness of the press. And this is no accident. Although journalists themselves are more than serious about their profession, for the public, it is like watching his own navel.


Every minute spent on the debate on the neutrality and veracity of the press, was in favor of the President.


“The greatest victory in the electoral College since the age of Reagan”


Donald trump has a habit of making statements that — however mildly — sometimes have only a remote relation to reality. In order to avoid criticism, he often accompanies these statements with the words “I heard”, “People say”, or even “I think”.


This is what happened when he returned to the question of the size of his victory in the electoral College (and this part of his speech was prepared in advance), saying that since Reagan such a massive victory would not be secured by anybody.


But Trump was contrary to NBC correspondent Peter Alexander, reminding him that bill Clinton, and Barack Obama has secured more significant victory in the electoral College.

Trump answered that he was referring only to Republican presidents.


Peter Alexander did not give up; he noticed that George Bush Sr. was also more impressive figures.


“Why do Americans have to trust you when you say that they presented fake information and at the same time distribute information that is not true?” he asked.


Trump said that he was “given” this information, and that he “saw somewhere”, and then reiterated that he managed to gain “a very impressive victory”, with which nobody argued.


President trump, as well as the presidential candidate trump, not paying any attention to factchecker — people checking whether the reality of his statement, as he moves swiftly from discussing one topic to another, and the press just can’t catch up with him.


But on Thursday, at least for a brief moment, she caught up with him.


“I think Melanie will play a great role”


Having criticized the CNN reporter, calling the “real beauties” BBC and as a response to the question of the journalist of Jewish origin of anti-Semitism by the Council to shut up, Donald trump finally got the question he liked.


“You can list everything that makes for the good of the country Melania?” asked independent journalist Kyle Mazza, referring to the first lady.


“That’s good question,” responded trump.

© AP Photo, Evan VucciПрезидент USA Donald trump and his wife Melania trump

“I like to think of it, the President said. She is a very successful man. It was a very successful model. She’s still very good”.


Trump was criticized for the fact that during the recent approaches to the reporters, he gave the floor only to representatives of friendly conservative publications — for example, Townhall, Daily Caller and Newsmax, not big media corporations.


On Thursday, he departed from this tradition. The result was a most unusual press conference in the history of the White house.