Russian hooligans are preparing for the English fans “celebration of violence”

England fans warned about “100 percent guarantee” that they will be targets for Russian hooligans during the world Cup 2018 and that this tournament will be a “celebration of bullying” for some of the locals. Clashes between Russian and English fans, held during a meeting of the teams of these countries in Marseille in the group stage, marred the European championship 2016 and has resulted in suspicion among senior British government officials about what unleashed the Russian hooligans fights were sanctioned by the Kremlin. The alleged organizer of the riots in Marseilles now says: “It was a special military power of football hooligans sent by Vladimir Putin to conquer Europe.”

This statement is contained in the documentary “Army Russian hooligans” (Russia’s Hooligan Army), which will be shown on Thursday at 9pm on channel BBC2. This program will also feature young people involved in prearranged fights with representatives of rival factions and prepare myself physically for next year’s tournament.

One bully, known only by the name of Vasily the Killer (Vasily the Killer), heads the group of “Gladiators” fans of the Moscow team “Spartak”. It is said that he remotely controlled the events in Marseilles, which was allegedly organized with the participation of Putin. He believes that football hooliganism gave him the “principles and courage,” and “it feels like you’re standing on top of Everest and you can do whatever you want”.

In another interview with “Dennis” — he heads the group “Orel butchers”, the members of which were in the center held in Marseille riots said that the English fans will definitely get full if I go to Russia next summer. “Let them come, but we’ll see,’ he said. someone is obviously trying to do something is 100%, 100% guaranteed.”

Denis gave this counsel to all who wish to come to Russia: it is necessary “to have a family and children, something like this… and if you are with another male, then you should consider the possibility of getting a kick in the ass”.

According to Denis of the organization of Russian hooligans in Marseille provided them an advantage in any clashes with English fans, and members of the Russian groups had received training in the course of fighting that took place in their own cities. “There are different tactics of street fighting, and we, of course, we experience during the numerous fights in the cities,” he said. In his opinion, the English “were always at a disadvantage” because they were not able to act in groups.

Another anonymous bully of the city of Rostov said that English fans were targeted because of their past behavior. “Our adversaries, of course, are the British, because they are the progenitors of bullying, and, of course, always waiting for”.

He then made this prediction: “For some it will be a feast of football, but for others it will be a celebration of violence.”

Despite unproven claims about the involvement of the Kremlin, many bullies believe that they will face harsh measures before the tournament. “Most likely, the authorities will establish all leaders, all people who are able to organize something, and just isolate them.”