Love Flynn to Putin and its dangerous echoes among right-wing Europe

Advisor to trump on national security of the United States resigned because of their relations with Russia, but its leader is a hero for populists who want to see in the West, authoritarian, racist regimes.

In the air the smell of scandal, and the opposition opposed to the trump, must not be averse to a hunt. Michael Flynn (as Michael Flynn), the national security adviser, became the first major trophy of the administration of Donald trump — and very quickly. This mode is weak. The President who lost the popular vote, gleaning nearly three million votes, and whose personal ratings are becoming more and more catastrophic, now embroiled in a major scandal. The opposition, which organized the mass protests in U.S. history, should not hesitate to take advantage of this opportunity, increasing the pressure on the regime and the democratic establishment, which otherwise could reach a compromise with him.

However, you should spend some time getting to understand the possible consequences of resignation of Flynn. For most of the twentieth century the left has constantly accused that they allegedly collude with Moscow, thereby creating a threat to national security. Even those who held leftist views and passionately spoke out against the Soviet regime, portrayed as accomplices of Moscow. And now the national security adviser of the far-right Republican President resigned due to the fact that he was actually in cahoots with Moscow. Flynn not only discussed the lifting of sanctions against Moscow — and he lied about it.

Acquiring great influence of populist right-wing forces in the West portray his opponents as traitors, bonding with the authoritarian regime in Moscow. Trump has long boasted of a “relationship” with Vladimir Putin, praising the bloody war with the Russian despot in Syria, calling it “stunning”.

French party “national front” receives preferential loans to a Russian Bank close to Putin, she supported the annexation of Crimea by Russia, praised Putin’s regime and demanded a ban on dual citizenship — except for holders of Russian passports.

When last year the Italian government was defeated in the constitutional referendum, the leader of the right-populist Matteo Salvini (Salvini Matteo) wrote on Twitter: “long live the people long live Putin!”

Shortly after the defeat, held in the Austrian presidential election the far-right Austrian freedom party signed a cooperation agreement with Putin’s party. And in the UK independence Party United Kingdom (its) crazy about Putin. Long held the post of its leader, Diane James (Diane James) named the Russian President as one of his three political heroes, and Farage (Nigel Farage) said Putin as a political leader, whom he most admires.

Right-wing populists believe the Putin regime a role model, source of inspiration in his quest to build an authoritarian, racist regimes in the West. Tranism and Putinism are strikingly similar. Associated with Flynn the scandal should not cause surprise. There is a slogan that had chanted during the protests: “neither Washington Nor Moscow”. It is necessary to remember — for the sake of the new generation.