In Belarus has sounded the alarm because of the new military thrust of the Kremlin at the border

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko and his entourage alarmed because of the formation of a new division of Moscow near the Russian-Belarusian border, and is also planned for this year of the Russian-Belarusian military exercises “West-2017,” providing a large-scale transfer of Russian forces on the territory of Belarus.

This writes ZN.UA.

Journalists believe that the next episode of a serious deterioration in relations between Minsk and Moscow is primarily associated with the desire of Belarus to get the Kremlin more tangible economic support.

“Lukashenka said: the worsening of relations with Russia due to fears of Moscow that Minsk will be released from the influence of Russia and join the Western world. The Belarusian President is disingenuous: the reason for the new crisis in the relations of partners in the Union state became oil and gas. In other words — lack of volume of Russian financial assistance to Minsk,” the article says.

Lukashenka is worried about the economy, the dependence of his country from Russia, recently, however, it is also concerned with Moscow’s desire to expand in Belarus its military presence.

“Certainly, the economic dependence of Belarus on Russia worries Lukashenka and his entourage. As the Moscow formation of new division at the Belarusian border along with placed there Kantemir and Taman divisions, and the Kremlin’s desire to place in Belarus, Russian troops on a permanent basis, and planned military exercises “West—2017”, – notes the edition.

Journalists emphasize that in Minsk understand well that the support of the West do not have too much to expect, given the increasing unwillingness of Washington and Brussels to stick to a rigid line in relations with Moscow.

Media claims that it was only a matter of time when Lukashenko for socio-economic stability in the country and save his regime “will agree on a work schedule” with Putin and make concessions to the Kremlin.

Recall, February 3, Alexander Lukashenko during a press conference said that Russia’s decision on the installation of the border area with Belarus could lead to serious conflict.

He also said that the Belarusian side asked the court in connection with the reduction of Russian oil supplies. In September last year, Lukashenko complained about the blatant economic pressure from Russia.