Ukrainians withdraw money from banks

In Ukrainian banks in January decreased by the amount of deposits in the national currency and in foreign currency. This was reported in the operational data of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU).

Thus, the volume of hryvnia deposits decreased by 2.3% and amounted to 415,9 billion. Currency deposits dropped their volume in dollar terms decreased by 1.8% to 13 billion dollars.

The balances of hryvnia loans fell in January by 0.4% – up to 501,4 billion UAH, on foreign currency loans in dollar terms – by 2%, to 17.8 billion dollars.

As reported, Ukrainian banks one after another, reduce the interest on deposits. Thus, in January the average yield of hryvnia deposits decreased by 0.2 – 0.3% per annum (2016 – 4%), and currency – 0,26 – 0,4% per annum (2%).