To rewrite the Minsk agreements – the British analyst James Sherr

In the Minsk agreement is very much contradictory and unrealistic points, but the West continues the Minsk process, repeating that he has no alternative. This “Segodnya” said senior research fellow at the Royal Institute of international Affairs (Chatham House) James Sherr, commenting on the approaching anniversary of the signing of the second Minsk agreement.

“In principle, the Minsk agreement was the result of a military conflict in the field of information warfare. This is the puzzle of conflicting and ambiguous provisions. I think that from the outset, the provisions in the Minsk agreement was impossible. But in this chaos there are several provisions that have a clear and vivid in nature: the duty to ensure the OSCE full access, charge after the elections to regain full control of Ukraine over the border, the duty to ensure the ceasefire regime, despite the fact that from the very beginning the Russian side and its “allied militias” never comply with these provisions. But the West continues this process, insisting that there is no alternative. In my opinion, this suggests that the West has never had a strong enough instruments to implement the interests of Ukraine. I mean the fundamental restoration of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, including reasonable measures for special status,” – said James Sherr.

According to Sherr, nowhere in the Minsk agreement is not defined the meaning of “special status”. “So-called leaders ORDO insist that this form of federalism. This means complete autonomy, which does not exist in any Federal state in the world, even in Russia, and in addition to the “special status” of the veto on fundamental policy issues of Ukraine, especially in matters of foreign policy. Ukraine has the right to stand up to these demands. In my opinion, in this situation, the West should support the Ukrainian position and to put pressure on Russia. At the same time when the opposite party is not aware and does not fulfill its obligations under the Minsk agreements, Russia is correct to say that in this case, the policy and the West’s position is very weak.”

According to James sherra, the Minsk agreement is impossible to rewrite. “For Russia to implement the Minsk agreement, we need other tools Ukrainian and Western politicians. Especially in the military sphere, increasing the level of military and financial aid to Ukraine. I don’t think that the long-term continuation of the status quo (the failure of the Minsk agreements – Ed.) acting in favor of Russia. I think it is important to strengthen the position of Ukraine diplomatically, and politically to improve the situation in Ukraine, using this moment, this break, to a systemic transformation. It is absolutely not profitable for Russia. The Ukrainian side with the support of the West may continue this situation 10-20 years. Russia – no, Russia is not beneficial to the legal recognition ORDO. But Russia can use ORDA to undermine and destabilize Ukraine. If this is not possible – no game. From us it requires more determination, more powerful tools and strategic patience”, – summed up the expert.

We will remind, in the night of February 12, 2015 in the Belarusian capital following 16-hour marathon of negotiations “channel four” was signed “Minsk-2”.