“Russia is trying to destroy Ukraine”

For several days heavy fighting again shaken Eastern Ukraine! In an interview with BILD, Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman (39 years old) explains how Putin manages the attacks and why Angela Merkel is important for Ukraine.


BILD: the Situation in Eastern Ukraine once again is intensifying. Who is to blame?


Volodymyr Groysman: “I was last week himself at the front and seen as barbaric separatists with Russian army fired on civilians as they use against the Ukrainian people, the heavy weapons. Andriivka (as in the text, apparently, we are talking about the plant — approx. translation.) is a particularly cruel example of how Russia is trying to destroy Ukraine. As for the time of the attacks: I don’t believe in chance, everything is precisely prepared and controlled by Russia.”


BILD: do You Expect a winter offensive against the Ukrainian army?


Groisman: “the occurrence associated with severe attacks, we have experienced last week. And it’s not like the separatists suddenly began to adhere to the Minsk agreement. We need to be ready for everything, really, everything. This means also: Ukrainian army in recent years has improved considerably, and we will provide fierce resistance”.


BILD: do You fear that when the President of the United States trump the possible conclusion of the deal with Putin and thus the easing of sanctions against Russia?


Groisman: “We trust the President of the United States Trump and hope that he is aware of what is really happening here. I can’t imagine that due to Russian aggression we can seriously talk about easing of sanctions. Only when Russia withdraws its troops from our country, and the separatists would adhere to the Minsk agreement, there may be an easing of sanctions. As long as Russia is waging a war here, it’s impossible.”


BILD: How important it is for Chancellor Merkel that sanctions against Russia continue?


Groisman:”Chancellor Angela Merkel is a great friend of Ukraine and as no one else is in favour of European values. It plays a key role in world politics and will discourage to take decisions to the detriment of Ukraine, I am sure.”