How many sex per week is needed for happiness – study

The majority of couples in order to feel happy enough to have sex only once a week.

This was reported by canadian researchers at the University of Toronto, reports “New time” with reference to the Maxim.

According to them, it is important to establish with your partner a sexual relationship and not have false expectations concerning the amount of sex, which, according to the erroneous popular opinion, is crucial to relationship partners.

“It does not matter the amount of sex, how many sexual relationship between partners. The life of modern man involves the availability of work and number of duties, so it is important to have realistic expectations about their sex lives and the number of regular sex,” notes the study’s author, psychologist Amy MUIs.

In the course of its study, the MUIs analyzed the data of thousands of participants for decades, and as a result came to the conclusion that the relations of the partners are improved, if none of them does not occur inflated sexual expectations from each other.

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