Go to fight the battalions of the Georgians…

Tbilisi — And, if it ever happens, it initiated the creation of women’s battalions in the Georgian army by right can be considered Deputy Irina Barbakadze. She is the author of the bill introduced in the Parliament on compulsory military service for the beautiful half of the population of Georgia.

It can be assumed that sung by poets charming ladies “On hills of Georgia the beautiful” yet I suspect that the legislature has managed to quickly register a written request of the Deputy. Which is a pity. They would do well to know what fate has in store for the fair sex lady Barbakadze.

She offers to call the ladies with the word “garikai”, which means “soldier”. The influx of women into the army in his opinion “seriously strengthen the combat capability of the armed forces.” And all this with reference to the key principles and provisions of the law “On gender equality”. Passage of military service “actually equalize women’s rights with men,” says the Deputy. Not to say that until recently, this right of the fair sex was so deprived. But they could use it at their own will. If the initiative of Irina Barbakadze will be supported by the Parliament, Georgians will be to call in the army just as it is legalized in Israel.

Prezunic fill the combat units of the Ministry of defence and Ministry of internal Affairs, the security service and intelligence agencies of state security. However a year ago the then Minister of defence of Georgia Tinatin Khidasheli promised from 2017 to abolish mandatory military conscription since decided to transfer fully the Georgian army on a contract basis. But a few months before 2017, the new Minister of defence of Georgia Levan Izoria announced that conscription will be reinstated. It has recently been confirmed by the President of Georgia Giorgi Margvelashvili. Some military experts were critical of these innovations. As well as the intention to increase the efficiency of the army due to conscription of women. The latter, apparently, any objection against the expansion of their rights sort of way, not have…