Cheese in Ukraine has risen to almost 160 hryvnia – experts

Retail prices for cheese in Ukraine in January increased compared with the previous month by 7.7% – to UAH 158,5/kg.

Rising prices, according to analysts of the Association of milk producers, primarily due to the recovery in global dairy market that has allowed to increase volumes of export of dairy products, particularly cheese and butter.

“As a result of all the free milk went into the production of these products. It all goes back to the period when reduced seasonal milk production (autumn-winter), from which the cost of raw milk increased dramatically. Besides, prices for dairy products started to grow after the prices for export,” the expert explained.

Also, according to them, the price reflected the devaluation of the hryvnia and the increase in production costs due to the increase in electricity prices.

At the same time, the price of imported cheeses in Ukraine in January was stable, and since the beginning of February began to decline. Thus, the cost of “Maasdamer” decreased by UAH 6 to 280,79 UAH/kg, and the “Edam” – 2.24 UAH to 207,13 UAH/kg.

Experts also said that milk in January rose by UAH 1.20 – to 22.36 UAH per liter. Yogurt in January rose by 2.03 UAH – 49,03, and for the last two weeks has fallen in price on 2,10 UAH – UAH 46,93.

Experts added that in the next few months, the price of dairy products in Ukraine will decrease by 2-5%, provided that the hryvnia will be stable. This will also contribute to the expected decline in prices for raw milk.

As reported, on large farms of Ukraine onthe bottom cow per day gives 20 liters of milk. 60% of the cost of the product in the end is food.