Assad harshly rejected trump’s offer on Syria

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad rejected the possibility of establishing safe zones for refugees and displaced persons in Syria, an idea which was supported by the US President Donald trump. About it reports Reuters, citing a transcript of the interview by Yahoo News showed Friday.

Assad has signaled that it will support cooperation with Washington in the fight against ISIS, but on the condition that the United States is a “clear political position” on the sovereignty and unity of Syria.

Assad also rejected the possibility of establishing safety zones in Syria, as advocated by those who support the opposition. “This idea is unrealistic,” – said Assad.

“Much weightier, much more practical and much cheaper – to have stability than to create a safe zone,” he added.

Assad said that such “safe zones” would be in danger of attack by armed groups.

Earlier it was reported that trump planned to give command to the state Department and the Pentagon to prepare a plan for the establishment of such security zones for the Syrians.

The draft order is not yet signed, it is not clear what forms must take these zones. It notes that they should provide the Syrians, who were forced out by the fighting to leave areas of residence, the opportunity to calmly wait for the resolution of the conflict.

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that the White house Moscow, this issue was not discussed, and he would have to calculate all the possible consequences of such zones.

Turkey, by contrast, supported the initiative of the President of the United States.