The most popular types of summer vacation

Summer is vacation time. We look forward to the arrival of warm summer days, dreaming of new impressions and I hope that in this time of year is finally able to rest. Most people think it is that time of the year most appropriate for vacation, writes

Relax in any time of the year. But most of us prefer to have more rest in the summer. At this time of year we are set to maximize the stay because:

The temperature is high enough. Comfortable temperature for our bodies 22-26 °C. Summer temperatures are often close to it. And it “likes” to our body, because he doesn’t need to waste energy on heating. And we don’t need to wear one hundred clothes;

– The longest day. The longer daylight means more time for active rest;

– You can swim. This time of year the water warms up to a comfortable temperature, and we can swim in the sea, rivers and lakes, receiving from the process a lot of fun;

– You can sunbathe. Many of us like to sunbathe. Summer is the time for this pastime;

– Lots of delicious fruits and vegetables that can be eaten in large quantities. The body gets much-needed vitamins and minerals.

All this and more makes summer a time to relax not only possible, but necessary. But I want to relax so in order to “reboot” healthier psychologically and physically.

The types of summer holiday

In the summer we open a variety of perspectives, and everyone can choose a holiday to suit your taste and possibilities.

A beach holiday. This is one of the most popular types of recreation. Someone is going to the seaside resorts, some people prefer nearby water bodies. A beach vacation will help to warm up in the sun and swim. Thanks to this kind of rest, our body will restore their strength. Swimming and moderate exposure to the sun, enhance immunity, stimulate metabolism and contribute to the improvement of the psychological condition.

But we must remember that an excessively long stay on the active summer sun is fraught with consequences. If “basking” in the sun all day can overheat and get heatstroke and even “earn a new disease. And paraquats and ass too. So treat this kind of vacation wisely, do not abuse the sun and water treatments.

Vacation in the woods. Summer in the forest nice and pleasant. Herbs and clean oxygenated air can have a healing effect on your body. This type of holiday is even prescribed in some cases. For example, people with problems of the respiratory system is recommended to spend some time breathing in the air of coniferous forests.

A vacation or weekend in the woods in a special sanatorium, at the campsite or “savage”, putting up a tent in any place. Such way to relax is more suitable for people who love to get away from the crowds and bustle of the city. But in the forest generally increases the risk of being bitten by mosquitoes and other insects, and it is a disadvantage of this type of holiday.

Summer in the mountains. This time of year, the mountain travel can fulfill your dream to conquer new heights. Vacation in the mountains is clean air, moderate exercise and remarkable mountain scenery. This kind of recreation creates a physical endurance, strengthens muscles, burns off extra pounds and helps to distract from everyday life. To relax in the mountains can be “savage”, going to camping or in hotel in comfortable conditions. But the intense heat walking in the mountains is fraught with overheating, so it is better to choose for this vacation is not the hottest time. In addition, if you selected “wild” option, then you need some physical training.

Holiday vacation

Holiday vacation is quite a popular pastime. At the cottage, too, can relax. As a therapy you can use the work on the plot, and you can just enjoy the peace, serenity and view of nature. And vegetables and fruits of their own harvest to help you improve your health due to the vitamins contained in them.

Any vacation can be active

Any of the above leisure activities can be calm and relaxed but can be active. Bathing, beach sports, Cycling, long walks – that activity will help truly relax. Do not be afraid that movement you will tire. Moderate exercise will trigger the regenerative processes in the body and will help to get rid of psychological fatigue.

Choose the holiday. Relax to relax, recover and experience the joy of life.