The Minister said that NACP is blocking the appointment of the winners of the competitions for the civil service

The Minister of justice of Ukraine Pavel Petrenko said that the National Agency on corruption prevention (NACP) is blocking the appointment of the winners in the public service, without giving the findings of the special examinations of candidates.

“Why do we have the problem now with special checks on all the candidates that go to post for the contests, not only for the posts of heads of Central bodies of Executive power, but the main specialists in the regions? The national Agency for prevention of corruption, which should provide one of the conclusions in the special checks, just doesn’t do it with 1 January, sabotaging work,” the Minister said during a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on Wednesday.

Petrenko noted that the NACP is not fulfilling its function. Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman has instructed to expedite the completion of the special checks.

The special checks carried out in respect of candidates for public service after their victory in the contest for the position before appointment. Without its passage, the winner of the contest cannot be assigned.

Earlier Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman said that the government will not allow problems with the system of electronic Declaration.

“The process of introducing e-Declaration was extremely difficult because, technically, NACP is not prepared properly for the full implementation of the system. I want to emphasize that before the 1st of April is a time when millions of employees of other categories will submit their declarations, and if again we stumble on the same problem – and I already have some rumors that I hear that someone wants to fill up the electronic Declaration system – we will not allow,” – said the Prime Minister.