Osnovatel WikiLeaks Assange can stay without their shelter

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will probably have to leave the Embassy of Ecuador in London, which served him as a refuge for the last four and a half years, if the presidential elections of Ecuador wins, the former banker Guillermo Lasso. This writes the British newspaper “The Guardian”.

“Citizens of Ecuador pay for it, although we don’t have to. We politely ask Mr Assange to leave (the Embassy – Ed.) within 30 days,” said Lasso in an interview.

In the Ecuador Embassy in London the WikiLeaks founder is one of four rooms located on the ground floor. According to the foreign Minister of Ecuador, Guillaume long, Assange has provided the most comfortable conditions.

“As for physical comfort, we gave him everything we could… But he can’t go outside, no patio, no garden, so all four years it largely held on the ground floor of a building in London, where not much sunlight, especially in winter”, – says the head of the foreign Ministry of Ecuador.

Election of the President of Ecuador will take place next week. According to recent surveys, Lasso behind seven points from the Moraine of Lenin, candidate of the ruling party Alianza país.

The founder of WikiLeaks, was granted political asylum in Ecuador, for several years a fugitive in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

He fears that Sweden, who accused him of rape and seeking his extradition, could return him to the authorities of the United States, where Assange could face severe punishment on charges of divulging state secrets.