“Black Wednesday”: Fillon is on the attack

In the midst of the presidential campaign Wednesday, it seems, was a black day in the calendar françois Fillon. Satirical weekly Le Canard enchaîné came out with new revelations. The newspaper writes that the wife of the candidate in presidents of France from the right-wing “Republicans” Penelope Fillon received severance pay in the amount of 45 thousand euros after the dismissal from the post of parliamentary assistant.

Le Canard enchaîné pointed out that the legislation did not specify the size of compensation for the parliamentary assistant.Earlier, the same publication reported that Penelope Fillon worked for many years in this position and received a 900 000 Euro. Investigators have suspected that the work was fictitious.

About the new details in the case, which media have dubbed “Penelopiad”, Le Canard enchaîné reported on their website the night before. And earlier, Francois Fillon has mobilized his party members. During the morning meeting with deputies of the right-wing ex-Prime Minister managed to convince them that he is the only candidate the “Republicans” who will fight for the seat of the President.

Fillon goes on the attack, writes the right-wing paper Le Figaro. On new revelations of the weekly Fillon responded last night, issuing an official communiqué. It Fillon has accused journalists of spreading lies and said that Le Canard enchaîné had made “obvious mistakes” in the analysis of information on incomes Penelope Fillon.

Meanwhile, the presidential candidate urgently preorganizational your team that works on the campaign. To avoid cacophony, Fillon decided instead of six representatives, to appoint one. Now to coordinate statements in the press team members will be only Thierry Soler, representative of Fillon.

Everyone would have wanted to turn the page and do the pre-election campaign, reports the sentiments of right-wing Le Figaro. Although yesterday, having determined that no plan “B” can not be, the right team sighed quietly. “Fillon is the leader, everybody follow him,” the newspaper quoted right-wing MP Valerie Boyer.

The Fillon asked the French with an open letter in which he stated that he does understand their mood and apologizes for what had previously not stopped working with his wife, but repeated again that he had acted within the law. “It remains to understand how survey results impact on the behavior of Fillon and his team. We can not take into account”, — quotes the conclusion of the article in Le Figaro one of the supporters of Fillon.

The newspaper Le Monde draws the attention of its readers not just for the apology, which Fillon has expressed to the French, but another gesture of Fillon: early publication on its website of the declarations of income and assets. Thus, the candidate of the right is trying to show his fellow citizens that he has nothing to hide. The fact that the official income information all applicants must disclose at the end of March, early April when the constitutional Council has finally approved the entire list. But Fillon, seem to have decided all to get ahead.

While Le Canard enchaîné called the amount of 900 000 euros which the wife of the Fillon received during the work of the parliamentary assistant, the candidate provides another number – 680 000 euros. This “net salary” Penelope, without regard to deductions and taxes.

Reporting on her work during the consulting company 2F Conseil, Fillon during the press conference also stressed that it does not represent a conflict of interest. He also claims to chthon received money for their conferences in Russia.

Left Libération says the change in strategy Fillon after the publication of the newspaper Le Canard enchaîné new revelations. When three weeks ago, the weekly has published the first data about the Penelope in the team the right candidate has decided to minimize the consequences and not to make publications special value. But after a week there are new details that not only Penelope, but the children of Fillon worked for him from 2005 to 2007, received remuneration in the amount of 84 thousand Euro. And then the politician was just a “paralyzed.” At this time, after another “black Wednesday” Fillon took himself in hand and said that re-starts their campaign.

A press conference that the politician gave on Monday in the presence of 250 journalists, the left Libération calls “the last chance”. Right-wing members again lined up to support its policies. They have no output, because there is no other alternative. Doubt is a luxury that right now can not afford, writes Libération. That is the main argument of the winner of the primaries, which encourages your team to go on the attack.