Why Ukraine disaster with fertility

The population of Ukraine continues to decline: according to the Ministry of justice, in 2016, died at 184, 3 thousands of Ukrainians more than born (see infographic). “Today,” to understand the causes and consequences of the catastrophic reduction of the population.

According to official data, in comparison with last year on light there were 14.9 thousand less kids (399.3 thousand in 2016 against 414,2 thousand in 2015). But to die the Ukrainians were also less likely — by 11.6 thousand in comparison with the previous year (583,6 thousand in 2016 against 595,3 million in 2015).

A General trend in the country is still unfavourable: the population is shrinking, and the mortality rate for several tens of years exceeds the birth rate. According to calculation of state statistics, in Ukraine the newborn was more than dead, only in one year — an increase of 27.6 per thousand in 1990. Then the gap started to increase gradually and reached its peak in 1995-2005, when the population growth was negative. In the worst 2000-the year the gap had reached 373 thousand After that, the trend again went on the decline the last couple of years, he is around 150-180 thousand people.

Experts explain: “to a generation of children was replaced by a generation of parents, given the infant mortality 100 women must bear 213-215 children, and most families have three children. And in 2001 there were 108 children for every 100 females — the peak of the lowest birth rates. Under favorable circumstances it is possible to count on some growth, say, up to 170-180 children per 100 women in 10-15 years. But no more”, — explained the Director of the Institute of demography and social studies. Ptukha of NAS of Ukraine Ella Libanova. According to her, all because of the social and psychological conditions in society: “Young families have a high level of education, access to modern contraception, with emphasis on high standards of development of the children themselves formed in one-two-child families. Such couples will not be EN masse to give birth”. Psychologists also add to those reasons, other factors: “Prices are rising, the country’s unstable situation, which people are often divorced — all these factors tend to postpone the birth of a child to a more favorable time,” — says psychologist Lilia Voronin.

Demographers have several ways out of this situation. “Possible “indirect” cash benefits, such as the repayment of the government loan taken by the family on housing. Or the development of a system of kindergartens for children up to 3 years. The development of forms of employment targeted at parents of young children (not just moms, but dads),” said Libanova.

New names for Ukrainians

In 2016, the Ukrainians are much more willing to change the names of than a year earlier — almost 2,7 thousand times more. If in 2015 the names on the new changed 19 701 employees, and in 2016 the Ministry of justice counted 22 365 renamed Ukrainians. The reasons may be different: change of name after marriage, and the desire of the age of majority to obtain a more beautiful name. “Since 90-ies of the documents on the name change, the column was removed with the reason is a private affair”, — explained in Department.

Most often names me whether the inhabitants of Dnipropetrovsk oblast (1.5 thousand), Lviv (1,39 million), and Chernivtsi region (1,38 million). Among big cities, remains the leader of the capital of 1.59 thousand names. But are less likely to want to part with the name in the Luhansk region (221), Chernihiv (456) and the region (545).