Tours in the Carpathians for the New year: where to go and how to save

The cost of weekly rest in the Carpathians for two persons starts from 9290 UAH. The closer to the New year, the higher the price, say tour operators. Now, almost no places in the popular Bukovel, but can be found in the nearby villages. Are there any tours in the Carpathians and how much will stay in the Ukrainian mountains, learned website “Segodnia”.

Rest in Bukovel: Egypt deshevshe

With Dec bole-mene affordable prices in Bukovel left, now the minimum cost of a week in the Carpathian resort for one person 20 UAH 322, for example, tour for a week to Egypt for two costs from 12 thousand UAH in a four star hotel. “I have a few years do not go to Ukrainian Carpathian mountains, the service is poor and prices are rising. Cheaper the Polish Carpathians. My husband believed that a week spent about 8 thousand UAH together with travel and recreation in Bukovel us all this would cost twice the price,” says the tourist Lilia Ostrovskaya.

According to tour operators, now really places at reasonable cost in Bukovel left, you can try to look for housing in nearby villages to have to get to the ski resort. But in this case it is better to have your own car.

“Tours to Bukovel began to request more from September. There is a situation that now nothing can be find – everything is already booked almost no seats 15-18 January and the prices are quite high. The Emirates flights will be cheaper. Offered nearby towns, to those on his car and can drive to the complex and to ski and enjoy other amenities of the complex. Unfortunately, this complex is the only can offer such variety of entertainment and has a developed infrastructure,” – says the head of one of the offices of travel Agency “Go with us” Victoria revelation.

Dragobrat and Slavskoe: cheaper, but without the comfort

Among the Carpathian resorts popular ski Dragobrat and Slavske. They are significantly inferior to Bukovel for infrastructure and the amount of entertainment, but much cheaper. For example, prices for tours in Slavske starting from 8000 UAH for a week for two.

“The prices for accommodation, food, skiing, sledding and snowboarding Dragobrat is much cheaper, but has its drawbacks. Slopes on Dragobrat less prepared, more abrupt and require more preparation. Also enough restaurants and cafes which there are constant queues,” – says Victoria revelation.

In Slavske lower prices than in Bukovel and Dragobrat, and the trails are mostly for beginners. Due to the low cost of this resort is always crowded. To save you can book tours through Lviv, tour operators say. But then you’ll have plenty of time on the road, and just a couple of days in the mountains, the rest of the tour. For example, now offers guided tours for a week in the Carpathian mountains with visits to museums and castles of Transcarpathia and one-day tour in Lviv. This tour per person cost UAH 4645 excluding the cost of tickets to museums and lunch.

“Of course, you can find over 5 thousand UAH, for example, is bus tours from Lviv, where purposefully going a group tour in Lviv, spend a few days skiing, guided tours and returned to Lviv. In principle, any purse you can find the offer”, – said Victoria revelation.

Why holidays abroad cheaper?

Definitely say why stay in Ukraine in the New year to do more, the tour operators can’t. One reason is the high demand – despite the high cost of tours, places almost never left. That is, the fullness of the hotels demonstrates that Ukrainians are satisfied with both the service and the price. And secondly, over the last few years in Ukraine has raised utility rates. According to the Director of the Center for tourism development Vladimir Tsaruk, this sharp rise in communal and has led to inflated prices. But lifting twice as tariffs do not explain why the hotels compared to the October-November during the new year celebrations put the price with the markup of 300%.