“Moles” Putin’s Chechen agents were sent to Germany under the guise of refugees

It is a nightmare to all the heads of the secret services. Photo of his superiors, up to the leaders of the third level captured with such sharpness that any one can identify each agent. And friend and enemy.

The photo shows the “tip” of the Russian internal intelligence service, the FSB, this picture was taken in late 2008 — early 2009, after a meeting on policy issues in the former KGB sanatorium near Moscow.

Sitting in the first row, second from the left is Alexander Bortnikov — the head of the FSB since may 2008. In the same row in four person — a person whose hands, according to Western intelligence agencies, are stained with blood: Nikolai Patrushev, the precursor Bortnikov, has received a post of the President of the security Council of the Russian Federation — kind of the coordinator of intelligence.

It is believed that it was he who in 2006 gave the order to poison him with radioactive polonium of the former KGB officer Alexander Litvinenko, who allegedly defected to the British intelligence service.

In the last row are 14 young officers, almost all of them have the rank of Colonel — reserves of the FSB leadership. One of them left the FSB with the showdown, in 2012, escaped from Russia and since then he is hunted as a traitor.

This man gave the German expert on the intelligence services and directed by Egmont Koch (Egmont Koch) as one of several grounds to prove their identity. Koch secretly met with a former agent in several countries and spent a total of 15 hours of interviews (“Putin’s Cold war — report Russian spy”, ZDF Zoom, Wednesday, February 8, 22.45)

“Igor” is the name of a character in the film, Koch was the head of the Department and a Colonel of the FSB responsible for the control of the opposition in the North Caucasus, Muslim regions of the Russian Federation. Under his leadership, there were 50 employees and 400 spies. According to “Igor”, despite the fact that his Department belonged to the domestic intelligence service, its personnel have participated in operations abroad.

The agent argues that the FSB facilitated the penetration in Germany and in other European countries, the Muslim spies. “Igor” tells that he was entrusted with a certain responsibility:

“If I were the head of the German Office for the protection of the Constitution, I would say to their employees that they paid much more attention to young athletes from Chechnya, arrived in the country as refugees and are now modestly and inconspicuously living here. For some of these athletes, we have fabricated the documents. My Department took part in it. We produced a fake certificate of previous convictions, police investigations and so on, so they can obtain asylum in the West. So they could provide proof that they are victims of political persecution”.

Thousands of Chechens from year to year come to Germany. Many are fleeing from the atrocities of the dictator, and Putin’s pet Ramzan Kadyrov and his minions. One of them is related to the network of “moles” of Putin’s internal intelligence service, it is difficult to say.

Hans-Georg Maassen (Hans-Georg Maaßen), President of the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution, in the film, Koch gives a disturbing assessment of the situation. According to him, “it is obvious that if in search of asylum in Germany comes to a huge number of refugees from the Caucasus region, the Russian intelligence services certainly know about their movements within Russia. Or their movement is carried out with the support of these services.”

The representative of the Chechen opposition Rubati Micaela, in 2002, who fled from Chechnya, and since then living in Germany, gives a similar assessment of the situation: “Over the past five years, Germany has had a lot of representatives of the FSB. I think that one in two Chechens are working for the FSB”.

With what mission? It is only out of the Chechen opposition? At the end of October last year in five German Federal States staged a RAID on Chechen refugees 14. They are suspected of assisting terrorist networks, the Islamists of ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia — Prim ed.).

Are suspected ISIL members of Chechen reconnaissance troops of the FSB? Whether they are designed as weapons of propaganda of Putin’s war to set Germany against refugees and to sow fear among the population? And if so, how?

Hans-Georg Maassen in the film Koch on the subject says the following: “I Have the impression to inflate fears is not the goal of the Russian side, but only a means. The goal is to create difficulties for the German government, and partly, perhaps, to destabilize the country.”

“Igor” is also convinced that he and his Department were instruments of psychological military operation, which Putin marked the beginning of a new cold war against Europe. “With the help of small but effective dirty tricks, such as a campaign of disinformation, spreading lies” Putin is trying to create in Germany the situation “of ongoing concern in society.”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on a personal experience in this in 2007 during a visit to Putin’s residence in Sochi on the Black sea coast: “My colleagues have repeatedly warned that MS Merkel is afraid of dogs.” That is why Putin allowed his dog to sniff Merkel. “It was a humiliation of the highest degree”.

Officers of the Russian internal intelligence service of the FSB in 2008: “to Destabilize the country.”