German Ambassador to Ukraine, called the key condition for the implementation of the Minsk agreements

A phase of implementation of the Minsk agreements require synchronous execution. This was stated by Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Germany to Ukraine Ernst Reichel.

“There are many phases of implementation of these (Minsk. – Ed.) agreements that require parties of synchronicity. But the idea that first, one party has to perform almost everything and only after that the other side will begin to reciprocate, these concepts are unrealistic,” – said the Ambassador.

He also noted that the German-French version of the road map to the Minsk agreements lies approximately in the middle between Russian and Ukrainian. “For us it is very important that the ultimate end of the Minsk process became the full restoration of Ukraine’s sovereignty. This is the ultimate point of all our diplomatic efforts. Another way to achieve the restoration, in addition to diplomacy, no. A military solution to the problem of Donbass is impossible”, – said Ernst Reichel.

Previously , the European Commissioner for European neighbourhood policy Johannes Hahn stated that the grounds for the lifting of sanctions against Russia yet.

“The sanctions were imposed because of a violation of international law, and the situation has not changed,” said Khan.

According to Khan, the future of sanctions against Russia related to the implementation of the Minsk agreements, which is not.

“I don’t see any grounds for lifting sanctions,” – said Khan.