Trump, the UN and the EU: the world’s response aggravation in Avdeevka

Another escalation in the Donbas has provoked the outrage of Western politicians, who condemned the violation of silence regime in the town and urged Russia to adhere to Minsk agreements. In addition, on Sunday night on this subject was a conversation between the Ukrainian President and the leader of the United States Donald trump. “Today” has collected the loud statements about how they will affect the situation in the country.

MODE WITHOUT “QUIET”. Ceasefire violations in the area of Avdeevka (the Donetsk region) began on January 29. Yesterday the head of the Donetsk military and civil administration Pavel Zhebrivsky reported on 179 residential homes that suffered for a week. Only for Saturday, according to the ATO staff, militants almost 40 times violated the silence regime using a prohibited second “Minsk” mortars and “Grad”. Thus, according to Zhebrivskyi, the city was left only 250 people (according to various estimates, the current population of the Town is 12-15 thousand). It is this situation special attention was given to Poroshenko during his night with trump.

TWO OF THE PRESIDENT. The conversation between the two leaders took place in the night on Sunday (Kyiv time) and lasted about an hour. “We will work with Ukraine, Russia and all stakeholders to help them to restore peace along the Ukrainian-Russian border”, — said trump during a conversation. According to the press-Secretary of Ukrainian President Svyatoslav Tsegolko in the United States gave to understand that conflict is not civil, and the Russian Federation is a party to the conflict. For his part, Poroshenko raised the issue of settlement of the situation in the Donbass, and especially in the plant.

Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States Valeriy Chaly on his page in Facebook said that the conversation went constructive and had a trusting nature: “Contact leaders become systemic. This is a great bilateral and geopolitical work. Trust is mutual, and this is important”.

Political analyst Volodymyr Fesenko believes that the last telephone conversation is important for two reasons. First, the communication of the Ukrainian leader with previous US President Barack Obama was mainly limited to personal meetings at international forums and during working visits and telephone calls remained the Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden. The expert also recalled that trump and Poroshenko already communicated in November. Then, we recall, was the first to raise questions of the annexation of Crimea and the fighting in the Donbass. “Secondly, very important is the fact that the second round of telephone negotiations occurred at the initiative of the American President. All this testifies to the direct contact between them,” added the analyst.

Note that the presidents discussed potential meeting in the future. Fesenko adds that the visit of our leader in the States is already actively preparing. “It can happen at the end of February, and if it is, then, of course, trump will meet with Poroshenko earlier than with Putin. It has its own benefits. I recall that in the last round of telephone conversations trump phoned first with Merkel, and then with the leader of the Russian Federation. This fact suggests whose information it takes into account, to then negotiate with Putin,” concluded Fesenko.

THE WORD UN. Among other Western politicians, referring to the performances of the Ukraine and the Town in particular, were UN delegates. We will remind that in the night from Thursday to Friday, a meeting of the security Council of the organization, the Central theme of which were fighting in our country.

“We call on Russia to use its influence on separatists”, — said the permanent representative of France to the UN Francois Delacr. His position was supported by the delegate from great Britain Matthew Rycroft have expressed distrust to the statements coming from Russia. They were supported by the representatives of Italy, Denmark, China, Egypt and Senegal. Ambassador to USA, Nikki Haley said that the sanctions in respect of Crimea will be in effect until Russia will regain control over the Peninsula to Ukraine.

However, an expert on international Affairs Andrew Buzarov doubt that many statements at the UN level as it would seriously affect the situation in Ukraine. “The UN limits its involvement in the conflict the only solution to the humanitarian issues,” he said.

In turn, people’s Deputy from BPP and a member of the Committee on foreign Affairs Volodymyr Ariev told us that BP now has a draft appeal to the international organizations, the EU in General and the leaders of the countries-members of the Commonwealth in particular: “This will be very useful for Ukraine, but now the most important thing that needs to be done through diplomatic channels, to establish contacts with the new US administration, which is very sensitive to events in the Donbas.”

Even more sanctions. During a conversation with Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, EU high representative for foreign Affairs and security policy Federica Mogherini stressed the need to stop the fighting. Also according to her, the last word on the issue of sanctions will be Washington and Brussels. It is already yesterday in the Western media, which relied on four unnamed representatives of the European Union, there is information on the extension of sanctions. In particular, the EU plans to extend the freezing of assets and prohibit visiting Europe for the main allies of Putin.