It all depends on her behavior: Pence told when it will address the issue of US sanctions against Russia

The question of cancellation of sanctions against Russia will depend on Moscow.

This was stated by Vice-President Mike Pence in an interview with ABC News.

“This is an issue that will be resolved in the coming months,” said Pence on the question of whether the saved sanctions against Russia, while she violates the agreement on ceasefire in Ukraine.

“It just all depends … on whether we will see a change in the attitude of Russia and whether the opportunity to work on common interests,” namely, to fight the Islamic state, said Pence.

According to him, the decision will be made “in the coming months.”

“In Russia there is a common (U.S. – ed.) interest in confronting radical Islamic terrorism and especially ISIS, and if we have the opportunity to work together, I think the President is looking for opportunities to restore relations (with Russia – ed.)”, – he said.

As noted by ABC News, this kind of cooperation with Putin may face a furious resistance, even from members of the party of the President. In particular, Senator John McCain from Arizona is one of those who oppose such partnerships because of the actions of Russia in Syria, including attacks on U.S.-backed rebels, and also because of the support of the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

As reported, according to sources of Bloomberg, the European Union will continue the economic sanctions against Russia, primarily in terms of freezing the assets of businessmen close to Russian President Vladimir Putin, despite the US desire to improve Russian-American relations.