Brazil: a bet on caution

Donald trump and his government have been in power a few days, but in that short time they managed to unleash a cultural war, where, it seems, with a vengeance presents the same differences that in the 1960-ies and 70-ies was provoked by the policy of Richard Nixon.

Like mentioned Republican in the White house, trump brings in his work — which is not what in the world can compare to the extent of liability — a combination of blind faith in contradictory beliefs and arbitrary subjectivism. There is no middle way: either love or leave (the hint is clear).

In unstable situations, which gives special scope that unites us all, the virtual space, the impression is that in two weeks, the US went to Germany in 1938. It is not necessary so to exaggerate.

Let’s start with that ridiculous law about selective anti-immigration policies are submitted to the court, and it seems clear that the Supreme court will say its final word. The famous orders of the President are not untouchable, on the contrary. If at the end of Berlin left the judges in Washington expected a different reality.

Besides, from the point of view of the known checks and balances of American democracy, an important role is played by internal reaction to trump.

First, the resignation of key employees of the diplomatic elite of the country. Then the refusal of acting attorney General of the United States to approve a ban on the entry of immigrant Muslims. All over the dismissal, but her voice was heard. And finally, regarding the country as a single Corporation, expressed their opposition of a large company.

Then, there are serious people talking about impeachment and other more prone to wishful thinking, referred to the supposed mental incapacity. The market, which managed to capitalize on the rumors about the economic liberalization of trump, now pretends to be a simpleton, because someone is also on hand.

Remains after all the above place for some optimism? Perhaps, though, that we can enjoy a wave of alarm events.

Chief among these is the rise of Stephen Bannon, head of the far-right of the site turned into a chief strategist for the White house, where it all like water off a duck. This week he was inducted into the permanent staff of the national security Council, a group that deals with issues of military strategy and internal security.

He did not fail immediately to give instructions and pause the recording and transcription of meetings of the Committee. Nothing good comes out of this definitely will not work, as evidenced by the possible reactivation of detention centres and torture of the CIA.

Much worse, if he decides to follow the example of their boss and perform these once promises, as he compared himself with Lenin in the quest to destroy the entire “system” as a whole.

The American press assesses his influence on trump as a huge, however, here we have to make allowances for the fact that’bannon asked her to “shut up”, but scared to even think how he would have responded to the crisis, implying the possibility of military action against another country.

But before that, Brazil? Stunned along with the world, she was horrified and carefully stares into the abyss that trump surrounds himself with ever since came into the presidential office.

For obvious reasons, the Brazilian foreign Ministry recently quite parsimonious with his words. For those who were looking full of indignation diplomatic notes as a response to each step of the trump modest demonstration of “concern” over the announcement of the building of a ridiculous wall on the Mexican border was a big disappointment.

In view of the outbreak of resistance on the issue of immigration one would expect some statements from Brazil, given its natural affinity to the same topic (we are the exporters of immigrants), and because we are talking about a cornerstone in the field of human rights. There’s still time.

Of course, the ill-fated widow of the great times of Brazil Lula will point to Brazil’s “mongrel complex” or something similar. But the reality is much more complicated: it is still too early to show assertiveness, without risking the protection of its own interests Brazil.

However, if you make specific predictions, I would say that the speed with which events unfold that force us to take a more pronounced position. Or face the abyss, which — to use a cliché Nietzsche — will look to Brazil.