In Ukraine rose sharply milk

The purchase price for milk in Ukraine in January this year compared to January 2016 has grown by almost 50%. This was reported in the Association of milk producers.

The average purchase price for milk of extra class for the year increased 49% to 9.43 UAH per liter (including VAT). Compared with December 2016 this product has risen in price for 3,9%. Liter of milk of the highest grade rose in price on average by 46.6% compared to January 2016, and by 4.82% from December 2016, to 8.81 to UAH. Most of last month rose milk first grade by 7% to 8.82 UAH per liter. The annual growth of 48.2%.

Thus, retail prices for milk in January compared to December increased on average by 12% to 16.53 UAH per liter. The kefir added to the price of 10% – up to UAH per liter of 25.09. The price of yoghurt in January fluctuated constantly and reached its peak on January 27 – 49 UAH per liter, and then dropped to UAH 46,62.

Butter on the domestic market for the month fell by an average of 18 kopecks. as at February 3, pounds of butter fat 82.5% of cost to 167.6 UAH.

Experts say that in a short time, purchase prices for milk in Ukraine will start to decline slightly. “The first signs of lower prices for raw materials for the population have already begun. The approach of spring enables the purchasers to reduce the price level for those regions where the price exceeded UAH 6 per liter,” – said the analysts.

But, as predicted in the Association, in 2017 milk in Ukraine will not be enough, and therefore significantly reduce the price most likely will not succeed.

As reported, the production of processed liquid milk in Ukraine in 2016 amounted to 926 thousand tons, which is 4.1% less than in 2015.