We have one enemy — the Moscow Horde

“…The Ukrainian people! Before you is the path to a new life. Boldly, unanimously go on this long way, and in the name of their happiness and the happiness of future generations Mother Ukraine, with a mighty hand creating new life” — these words of the Ukrainian Central Rada appealed in his first public proclamation titled “To the Ukrainian people”.

On 17 March 1917 in Kiev at the initiative of the Association of Ukrainian progressives with the participation of Ukrainian political parties, Ukrainian military, clergy, social and cultural organizations proclaimed the establishment of the Ukrainian Central Rada. Today marks 100 years since the beginning of the Ukrainian revolution. 100 years of incredible energy. Energy, which not only pushed us to fight, but also to development. Brief historical period 1917-1921 has rewarded our country with sovereignty, an army, own Parliament, state symbols, Academy of Sciences of Ukraine national Bank and other achievements, which are still in use. However, the biggest reward was the idea of their own nation — state- an independent and United Ukraine.

In March 1917, along with the Ukrainian parliamentarianism revived Ukrainian army. The army, which has always been and is the Foundation of the Ukrainian state. The army, without which the most successful generalists would remain declarations on paper. It was the soldiers-volunteers — then in 1917 became the force which first announced the statist character of the Ukrainian movement. The Ukrainian soldier was the only ally that has never betrayed his people, never betrayed Ukraine. Far from party infighting and Cabinet turmoil, the Ukrainian Cossacks and the foreman knew that the state is a gift, and pay in blood.

This high price was paid the same children from the Kharkiv region and the Kuban from the Crimea and Galicia. The period of the Ukrainian revolution has given us a vivid landmarks — the people who dreamed and acted. Such was the witness and participant of the Ukrainian revolution, an ordinary Ukrainian, a native of the village Small Animal Donetsk region Nikolay Gayduk dreamed to be useful for Ukraine. When demanded it with arms in hand fought for his cornet as Ukraine Volyn the Second division of the Army of the Ukrainian national Republic. Together with the Ukrainian army, he passed a fierce battle against an enemy that in a hundred years, brings death and devastation to our land.

At the age of 22 Nicholas was last seen on his Ukraine under a hail of Bolshevik bullets, his unit moved to the West. Those who struggled for Ukraine and longing to leave their Homeland, wrote Yuri Lypa:

“And now back down…
Less grenade explosions,
And here recede and fall
leaving darling edge;
Power, you were like rain of fire!
Power, goodbye!”

After the war tens of thousands of the best representatives of Ukraine were forced to leave their native land and dispersed throughout the world, yearning and talking about Ukraine. But there, in exile, thousands of participants of the Ukrainian revolution wanted to be useful for Ukraine. For them, Ukraine is not dead. She lived in their hearts, she was bubbling with blood in their veins.

Nicholas Haidak receiving higher education and becoming a recognized scholar in the field of agricultural Sciences. Cornet from the Donbass receives a doctorate in biology, became an academician and University Professor in leading educational institutions in the USA, Professor at the University of Minnesota. Nicholas Haidak dreamed that his scientific inventions was useful to Ukraine. He wanted to live for Ukraine.

And also, probably, wanted to live for Ukraine, the leaders of the Ukrainian revolution:
Mykhajlo Hrushevsky — Chairman of the Ukrainian Central Rada, an outstanding historian;
Vladimir Vinnichenko — the Chairman of the General Secretariat, publicist and writer;
Pavlo Skoropadskyi — Hetman of Ukraine, military-political figure;
Simon Petlyura, chief ataman of the UPR Army;
Eugene Konovalets — the commander of a corps of Riflemen.

Each of them was an extraordinary person, but due to the fact that they are unable to reach agreement during Russian aggression — the state was lost, and they were forced to leave their native land. And in exile continued the struggle for the Ukrainian state. And each of them sooner or later destroyed Moscow Horde. Until the end of life they longed for the lost state.

The history of the Ukrainian revolution. Today there is no more important historical lesson for us. For each — both in this chamber and around the Ukrainian state. And that lesson is to learn today every Ukrainian. The price of this lesson is the existence of Ukraine and the lives of millions. Because the defeat of the Ukrainian revolution of 1917-1921 years led to the creation of the most terrible and bloody Empire in the history of mankind. The “evil Empire”, which destroyed tens of millions of people, enslaved tens of free countries, turning them into a slave colony.

The ideas of Bolshevism was popular among the masses, and were used by the enemy, calling on the Ukrainian units do not conduct combat operations and to deploy their troops and return home to work the land. Many, yielding to populist ideas, and so they did. This was the reason that we did not have a powerful enough army to defend their country. As a result, we have lost statehood and after fifteen years — those who laid down their arms and went home to work the land, and buried their dead with famine children. Because the state is not the formal signs. As a result of the loss of statehood, the Ukrainians experienced organized aliens genocide — the destruction of the Ukrainian intelligentsia, millions of dead innocent people.

And today, more than ever, we must learn the lessons of a century ago and to draw conclusions. And they are. Ukraine needs unity and Ukraine needs efficient army. And that is our objective. It is our direct responsibility. After all, throughout the existence of Ukraine-Rus we have one enemy — the Moscow Horde. Insidious and deadly. And methods are the same as always: to break, to divide, to burn and destroy. And on this the ashes to try to revive the bloody monster of Putin’s Empire — a dark space of fear and evil.

Since the restoration in 1991 of Ukraine’s independence was not a minute nor second that Russia was not suffering from delusions of the restoration of the Empire, prison of Nations. Economic and political expansion, the establishment of a Pro-Russian fifth column, the destruction of the army, the repression of our language and culture — all of these processes continued after 1991. The orange revolution of 2004 was the first response of Ukrainians to these threats. The Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity in 2014 is the answer of Ukrainians to these threats, in an attempt to corrupt Pro-Russian elite headed by Yanukovych to dismantle our independence. Next — a direct invasion of Russian troops, the annexation of Crimea and the start of the Ukrainian war for independence. On the Maidan we were together and they won.

The analogy with events of 1917 very much. But fundamental differences — more. For, despite the hostile propaganda, despite the practical destruction as of 2014 the Ukrainian army, we fight and become stronger each time. And we will win. The enemy did not realize one thing — a new generation of Ukrainians-patriots, who directly went to the Maidan to the East and with arms in his hands stopped the attack of the Horde, as volunteers in 1917. This was possible thanks to the heroic Ukrainian soldiers. This was possible thanks to the unity of the Ukrainian nation. Avdeevka, Marinka, zaytsevo, the Donetsk airport and Svetlodarsk arc — steel ice-cold shower for the Kremlin occupiers. In these battles, were born, strengthened and tempered the Ukrainian army, which has become one of the most efficient armies not only in Europe but in the world.

Like a hundred years ago, we are facing the same challenges — broken off teeth on Ukrainian soldiers, the enemy, all the forces concentrated on the division of the country from the inside. But Ukrainian society is flooded with the propaganda of unbelief. “To work in the Ukrainian masses of the population, splitting them along the line of class struggle and taking revolutionary elements…” — this quote is not from the modern Kremlin manuals, and resolution of the Bolshevik conference “South Western territory” — the then Pro-Russian puppet formations on Ukrainian lands.

Today, in 2017, in the East of Ukraine indestructible wall that cost thousands of our soldiers. And the enemy is afraid of them. Because he knows that sooner or later will be returned to the occupied Ukrainian Crimea and the Ukrainian Donbass. Remember that 99 years ago, in April 1918, the Ukrainian army under the leadership of Colonel Petro Bolbochan had already conquered the Crimea and Donbas from Russian invaders.

The Kremlin knows that for all his atrocities he will answer. For the memory of our people indestructible. Not a struggle for the Mace and positions needed by the state. Because today Ukraine is again waging war for the life and future. For freedom and dignity.

Yes, we can talk about past mistakes and failures. We can criticize. Not only can the time rewind. However, every single one of us to live so as not to be ashamed in front of such as the cornet Haidak before the Heavenly hundred heroes and the dead soldiers of the modern Russian-Ukrainian war. To those who gave their lives for our dream of Ukraine. But we have to be together. Because today, as a hundred years ago, have one common enemy.

In conclusion, I want to say the words of the first proclamation of the Ukrainian Central Rada, which is still relevant today: “the Ukrainian People!… Live in the world! Don’t afford anything that disrupts the order of life, but together, sincerely and hard to get to work… Only United we can know all their needs are strongly for them to say and achieve a better life on their land”.

Glory To Ukraine!