The U.S. justice Department appealed the lifting of the decree trump the migrants

The U.S. Department of justice beginning a formal protest of the ban on immigration enforcement decree of the President of Donald trump, Interfax reported.

The Department appealed the appellate court of San Francisco on the decision of Federal judge James Robart, who partially blocked the trump decree prohibiting entry into the United States citizens of seven Muslim countries and the reception of refugees.

The appeal filed on behalf of Donald trump as the US President, John Kelly as head of DHS and Rex Tillerson as Secretary of state.

After blocking of the decree trump the state Department and the Department of homeland security started accepting all foreign nationals and refugees. Trump criticized Robart, calling it the “so called judge”, and warned everyone about the threat to U.S. security due to the penetration of undesirable persons.

Recall, trump 120 days restricted entry into the United States refugees and 90 days suspended entry into the country of the seven States c a predominantly Muslim population.