The scientists said that hypertension provokes

Scientists at king’s College London tested 9.8 million genetic variants from 420,000 people. And scientists discovered 107 new genes associated with elevated blood pressure. Of these 107 genes, many were expressed in large amounts in the vessels and heart tissue, according to “Orthodox”.

According to experts, these genes could be new drug target in the treatment of hypertension. Also, scientists have developed a system for genetic risk assessment predicting the likelihood of stroke and coronary heart disease. The higher the score on the evaluation system of the risk, the more likely to have high blood pressure 50 years old.

The people receiving the highest scores, have the pressure increased 10 millimeters, compared with people receiving the lowest ratings. Moreover, every 10 millimeters above the norm increase the likelihood of heart disease and stroke by about 50%.

Experts are sure: their discovery will allow genetic testing in childhood. To change the genetic predisposition cannot. But knowing about their features, it is possible to adjust your lifestyle, significantly reducing the risk of health problems.